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I have news regarding my first short story.  I have decided to allow the main character’s love interest, who is also a neohuman whose powers are emotion-based, to participate in the fight against the supervillain.  At first, her powers allow her to sense the emotions of those around her, but now I am thinking that her powers will evolve far beyond that.  I will not spoil everything, but what I can say is she will become vital in the battle against the supervillain.  Also, I have an idea for the ending of this short story that would connect it to another one of the short stories.  Since my volumes and these short stories are connected, they are essentially all part of the same superhero universe so the short stories will greatly elaborate the Young Guardians universe beyond the volumes.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have exciting news! I have just started the fifth chapter of my short story and it turns out I might finish the short story sooner than I originally calculated.  The fifth chapter will foreshadow the main character’s battle against the supervillain. The main character will have a trump card in defeating the supervillain that no one will expect.  Both characters wield the most powerful forces in the universe, energy and gravity, so I believe it will be an interesting fight. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have just started the fourth chapter of my upcoming short story and it is a chapter I am particularly excited about.  The reason for this is because the supervillain will be officially introduced and he is one frightening fellow.  His powers will be based on gravitational force and the way he acquires these powers will make his external appearance match his malevolent nature.  I am eager to write his showdown with the main character in future chapters.


Over the weekend, I have started the third chapter of my upcoming short story.  As I continue to write, I start to visualize how the new character would perceive the world due to the fact that he lacks a physical body.  Based on what his powers would consist of, I thought he would be able to see every object on a molecular level as well as see all forms of energy.  With this in mind, the character’s view of the world will be considerably more complex than that of a normal person’s.  In addition, the character’s love interest is introduced and she can sense the emotions of those around her.  Overall, the main character’s elaborate new worldview and his love interest’s ability to sense emotions will create an interesting combination as the plot unfolds.  I look forward to exploring more of this short story and hope to complete it in the near future.  Wish me luck!


I have reached the fourth page of the second chapter of my first short story that will introduce one of the new characters that will appear in volume four.  I am becoming increasingly eager to finish this short story because the character this short story will revolve around is intriguing because, in a way, he physically is his powers due to the fact that he is not made of flesh, blood, or bone.  His consciousness is intact, but he no longer possesses a body in a traditional sense.  The manner in which he acquires his abilities will be a combination of a classic laboratory accident and how the Young Guardians gained their powers, essentially a blend of both science and magic.  In addition, the public’s reaction to the immediate aftermath of volume three will be explored in more detail.  I look forward to when I finish this short story and I predict that I will publish it sometime later this year.


As I delve deeper and deeper into my various projects, I have come to realize that I am entering new territory by starting my short story sub-series.  I have always been accustomed to create complex characters and elaborate plots, but have never had to create a story that has a compressed storyline.  Until this moment, I have never written a short story before so this will be a good new experience for me in my writing career and something to add to my writing arsenal.  I look forward to seeing the results of this experiment and which direction my writing will take afterwards.


I have completed the first chapter of one of the short stories that will pave the way to my upcoming fourth volume.  I must say I feel a certain fascination and intrigue about the main character of this short story spin-off because of his unique backstory and powers.  His origin and powers will revolve around something to do with harnessing solar power, such as solar panels, and will be combined with the aftermath of volume three.  I have started the second chapter and I look forward to what is waiting over the horizon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.