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Based on the information of the retro-engineering project, scientists won’t be able to bring back dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Stegosaurus. Instead, they can recreate dinosaurs from the Maniraptora family, which were feathered dinosaurs such as Archaeopteryx, Raptors, Ostrich dinosaurs like Gallimimus and Oviraptor, and Therizinosaurus. Once they complete the project and work the bugs out, we will be seeing “modern” versions of these animals. I will keep this in mind in the future as I brainstorm.


To prepare me for the eventual creation of my new superhuman series, I have started to binge watch documentaries about innovations that could develop in the future. These fields include future agriculture and food, transhumanism, vehicles, weapons, robotics, and so on. When I wrote science fiction in the past, I simply imagined scientific concepts on the fly. Now, however, I will be drawing inspiration from scientific documentaries in order to make the concepts more believable and authentic. This will be similar to how I am constructing the world of my Magnus Dynasty Saga by binge watching medieval documentaries. Overall, medieval documentaries made me more historically educated, but these futurist documentaries will make me even more educated scientifically. At the end of the project, I will be more rounded and knowledgeable than I was before.


I came up with a complex origin story for the Kaiju in my new story. I decided to take a Frankenstein approach and draw inspiration from various forms of science. I am currently watching three documentaries that focus on gene splicing, synthetic biology, and nuclear mutations. By studying all the details of these three scientific fields, I believe I can piece together a scientifically plausible way to create a Kaiju. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



As a science fiction fan, I often wondered what kind of technologies would be required to make the ideal cyborg. In my opinion, their arms and legs would be replaced with cybernetic ones in order to enhance their upper body strength and running capabilities. Their internal organs would be replaced by synthetic ones that provide more stamina than organic organs. Their living eyes and eardrums would be replaced by lifelike replicas to enhance their senses. Finally, I envision them having nanobots in their blood to make their muscles stronger and reinforce their bones. I do not agree with the idea of cyborgs having weapons built into their limbs because there would not be enough room for the moving parts of the limbs. However, this can be an exception for more specialized cyborgs.

In one of my future superhero I am thinking of including a cyborg of this kind. I am thinking of them being a type of police force, but nothing like Robocop. Instead, I am envisioning them to be more like the military police for fascist regimes. What do you think of this incarnation of cyborgs?



For some time I have been planning to build the setting of my fantasy book around a supercontinent. A supercontinent is essentially the only giant landmass on a planet. The most famous supercontinent is Pangea, which eventually broke apart into the seven continents that exist today. I like the idea of a supercontinent because is symbolizes a form of unity. If Pangea never broke apart, our nations would have been brought closer together. In my fantasy book, the supercontinent will be divided up into many kingdoms under a single empire. This would be similar to how England and Ireland were divided up into petty kingdoms. Due to my past as a prehistory buff, this would be a good way to reconnect with the distant past.



Velociraptors have gained a great deal of fame in the Jurassic Park films. However, some people don’t know that the real-life velociraptors were significantly smaller than the ones in Jurassic Park; being no larger than hound dogs. Still, despite their small size, velociraptors were as fast as they were deadly. I also like the fact that they may have had feathers because it would further connect them with modern birds.



When the whales first began, they were amphibious, crocodile-like creatures who lived in rainforests. A few million years later, whales evolved into something similar to their modern descendants. One such example is this creature: Basilosaurus. This animal was four times the size of a great white shark and ruled the oceans that existed after the dinosaurs. Their diet included smaller whales such as the dolphin-like Dorudon and any creature that was unfortunate enough to wander too far away from shore. Basilosaurus put the modern orcas to shame!


I just had a nifty idea for a dystopian story. I envision a futuristic world in which the rich and powerful rule while everyone else struggles to make a living. The wealthy would live in super-clean cities while the impoverished would live in dirty dwellings. The wealthy, including the police and military, would be able to afford healthcare that would include cybernetic enhancements while everyone else would have the healthcare of normal people, which would make them physically weaker than the rich and powerful. This will be a very strict caste system where the only way you would thrive is to be rich. Many groups of people among the impoverished will be persecuted due to the rich’s propaganda. However, when superhumans begin to appear overnight, the rich’s preferred status quo will be threatened, which will set the story into motion.



After visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, I came across a great many ideas for both my sequel series. One of them involved this picture, which depicted colonization on the surface of Mars. What if the setting of the story was a colonized planet like Mars? I am drawing inspiration from the science behind this for what kind of world the characters would live in.