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Easily one of the greatest examples of God’s wrath are the ten plagues of Egypt from the Book of Exodus. When the Pharaoh angered God by enslaving the Israelites, a series of plagues were unleashed upon Egypt. The plagues consisted of the following:

1.) Turning water to blood

2.) Frogs

3.) Lice or gnats

4.) Wild animals or flies

5.) Pestilence of livestock

6.) Boils

7.) Thunderstorm of hail and fire

8.) Locusts

9.) Darkness for three days

10.) Death of the firstborn son

As my dinosaur book series, The Kaligen Experiment, progresses, I am planning to include a number of Biblical references to the story. Among those references will be the 10 Plagues of Egypt. These new plagues will not be the same as the ones that struck Egypt nor will they be the result of divine intervention. instead, these new plagues will be similar to the original plagues and have the same impact, but they will be happening on a global scale. The original plagues all but crippled Ancient Egypt as a civilization. Can you imagine how modern civilization who be affected by plagues that are global? These new plagues will be triggered by unpredictable technology that mankind has no idea how to control. Overall, this is going to be apocalyptic in nature.


“God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.”

Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

It has come to my attention that Jurassic Park has a number of references to the Bible, which were more prominent in Fallen Kingdom. The Book of Genesis was heavily referenced in Fallen Kingdom to highlight a new beginning where humanity’s attempts to play God result in the rise of life forms that will challenge their role as the dominant species on the planet. These references are often inverted and reversed from the original version. The first Jurassic World referenced the story of Cain and Abel when the Indominus Rex killed its sibling. While Cain and Abel were brothers, the Indominus Rex and its sibling were sisters. In an early draft of Fallen Kingdom, the Indoraptor was supposed to have a Cain and Abel moment when it murders its sibling. In the Bible, the male Adam’s rib bone was removed in order to create the female Eve. In Fallen Kingdom, the rib of the female Indominus Rex was used to create the male Indoraptor. The ship known as the Arcadia was the ship that carried the remaining dinosaurs off Isla Nublar as it was being destroyed by fire and lava. This is an inverted version of Noah’s Ark, which carried all the animals in the world from an apocalyptic flood. Benjamin Lockwood was one of the ones who contributed to the creation of the dinosaurs and was an inherently good man, which could be as a symbolic representation of God. Eli Mills was a greedy and deceitful man driven by his own ambition, which can be seen as a symbolic representation of Lucifer. When Lockwood found out what Mills was doing behind his back, he cast Mills out. However, Mills murdered Lockwood and usurped his symbolic throne, which is a reverse of how God cast Lucifer out. In this case, Lucifer won and claimed God’s throne for himself. While the Book of Genesis is heavily referenced in Fallen Kingdom, there are also aspects of the Book of Exodus as well. Finally, there is Maise Lockwood’s symbolic representation of Moses. As a clone herself, Maise has a connection and kinship with the dinosaurs that normal humans would never understand. When she pushed the button to release the dinosaurs into the world, she said, “I had to. They’re alive like me.” This can be seen as her way of saying, “Let my people go.” When the basement door opened and the dinosaurs ran through the tunnel into a new world, it is similar to how Moses’s followers traversed the parted Red Sea to a promised land. If Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom were based on Genesis and Exodus, it is possible that Dominion will revolve around the Book of Revelation and portray a dinosaur apocalypse that will end human civilization. I look forward to finding out next year.



I used to read the medieval poem called The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. In one of my previous posts, I said I was toying with the idea of writing a story about Hell from the point of view of the damned. I thought of gaining inspiration from Inferno, which depicted Dante’s interpretation of Hell. I am thinking of doing my own spin on the nine circles of Hell just as Dante did. My story will take place in the 21st century and follow a graduate student who has sinned and seeks to find a way out of Hell.



Apart from weddings and coronations, I am thinking of including other religious moments in my second fantasy book. In both film and television shows, I have seen characters kneeling before either an altar or an ornate crucifix and revealing their deepest doubts and secrets before them. In this sense, you get a better understanding of the characters than you had before. I got this sense when I watched The Tudors and the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In all of these cases, I would hear haunting choir music in the background as the characters revealed their deepest, darkest secrets and doubts to a higher power. To get myself in the right mood, I will be using my BlueTooth to krank up haunting choir music throughout my writing studio. In this scene, I will depict a scene in which the main character kneels before an altar that displays towering statues of the five Elemental Gods and reveals his doubts and secrets to them. It will be like when Henry VII first landed in Wales before he faced Richard III. Upon reaching the Welsh beach, Henry fell to his knees, clasped his hands in prayer, and said, “Judge me, Oh Lord, and favor my cause.” This will also fit in well to the many elements of the War of the Roses I will be incorporating in my book.


Like all civilizations, Gradaia¬†has its own religion and holy orders who serve it. Gradaia’s religion is based on five nameless Elemental Gods: light, earth, fire, air, and water. There is also a sixth god, the god of darkness, who is shunned from the pantheon. As a result, he is referred to as the False God and worshipping him is considered taboo. The temples worshipping these gods resemble a collection of five pyramids (one for each god). In rare cases, some temples even have an underground inverted pyramid that is dedicated to the False God. These temples operate like tabernacles and the religion’s ideology is similar to Old Testament Christianity. The priests who serve this religion are known as Sages. They can be both men and women and they are considered equals. Sages can be distinguished from their snow-white robes and ceremonial silver helmets. In addition to serving the Elemental Gods, Sages are known to record and safeguard all the world’s knowledge, much like how monks did during the Dark Ages. Due to their extensive education, Sages often serve as healers, advisors, and scribes wherever they go. One of the characters in Numen the Slayer is one of these Sages.


I discovered something interesting about Wednesday. In Viking culture, Wednesday was known as Odin’s Day because it was associated with Odin, the All-father of the Norse gods. I realized that in a strange way I still celebrate Odin’s Day due to my Viking heritage. The reason for this is because Wednesdays are when I receive new comic books and when I meet with my Writer’s Meeting. I may not get into any fights or offer human sacrifices to Odin like my ancestors did, but I think these good things that happen to me on Wednesdays could be Odin smiling down on me. Who knows?



Among the subjects I have researched for my fantasy book, I found a number of sources of inspiration in Norse mythology; particularly the Norse gods. I am thinking of including features from the Norse gods into some of my characters. For example, Odin sacrificed his eye in order to gain wisdom and Tyr lost a hand while fighting a demon wolf. This will also give me a chance to reconnect with my Viking roots. I look forward to finding out more to use for my project.



A had a sinister idea for my fantasy book. I am thinking that things will go so south for the main villain that they will become completely desperate to hold onto their power at ALL costs. Therefore, I am going to manifest this desperation in the form of a deal with the Devil. However, this deal will come with a steep price that turns this character into a soulless Dark Lord. I will be drawing inspiration from the occult in order to accurately portray the formation of this deal. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl since I can be very superstitious, but I must soldier on if I am to complete this book.


I have been listening to all terrorist activities on the news and I have a series of opinions that I need to get out of my system. Whenever I see buildings destroyed or lives taken on the news and hear about the so-called justifications the terrorists make, I feel an all-consuming sense of uncompromising hatred towards terrorists and their allies. Some people often hold Islam as a whole responsible for terrorism, but I have the good sense not to judge an entire religion for the crimes of a few rotten apples. In addition to ISIS’s attacks on the free world, I also read about their countless other crimes against humanity within their own territories such as destroying religious artifacts they hate, brainwashing children into weapons, and treating women like personal possessions rather than living beings with minds of their own. Their actions are no different whatsoever to the Nazis.

As for beliefs, ISIS, Taliban, Al-Quaeda, and other groups like them often use religion to justify their atrocities. However, the hard truth is that they are so incurably sick in the head that they use “religion” as a crutch for their own mental illness. Their so-called “religion” is just utter nonsense used to promote death and destruction. No true religion would ever encourage death and destruction as a just cause. Their hypocrisy is so outrageous that it makes me sick to my stomach, but it is not easy for me to vomit so I am stuck with the feeling in my gut.

As for punishment, terrorists do not fear death or care whether if they live or die. Therefore, you cannot truly punish a terrorist with something that does not scare them. If you want to punish a terrorist for their crimes against the world, you need to give them a fate worse than death. Because I have such a dark imagination (a bad habit I picked up as a writer), the method I have in mind is so graphic and horrifying that decorum prohibits mentioning it here. Just to summarize, as the Joker would say, “Oh, I’m not going to kill you! I’m just going to hurt you really, really bad!”

The thing that truly frustrates me is that terrorists are highly skilled at blending in with the populace and you never know who is a terrorist and who is not. If there was a way to identify all terrorists and exterminate them without risk of collateral damage, I would take it in a heartbeat. For example, in X-Men, Professor X used a device called Cerebro, which amplifies his telepathic powers. While using Cerebro, Professor X’s mind is connected to everyone else on the planet. If he were to concentrate hard enough on a particular group (terrorists for example) he could kill them all with a single thought. And since this weapon would be fueled by telepathy, a terrorist cannot hide their secrets from me and I can wipe them out without harming the innocent. By exterminating every terrorist in the world in one swift stroke, I would give the world a chance to start again without terrorism influencing our way of life.

Overall, as much as I hate terrorism, I cannot see a peaceful end in sight and I fear that it could last long after I am dead because terrorism has a strong influence on the weak-minded and impressionable. Because of this, they could keep this up possibly forever. Hopefully, all of this madness will end in my lifetime because I have had a bellyful of their bloodlust.