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I like dark stories because they are more thrilling, mysterious, and strangely alluring. Because of that, there is something deeply attractive about the darkness. Dark stories seem more real than any of the sugar-coated stories that are excessively optimistic. It enables me to venture into the abyssal id of the human mind. Dark stories give us access to the unfiltered side of our psyche that never sees the light of day due to the mandates of social conformity. To a degree, dark stories enable us to peer into the animalistic face of our true selves instead of the false masks we are forced to put on in order to fit in with “decent” society. Because of these factors, dark stories are far more appealing than stories about light ever will be.


For the longest time, I have always been more of a writer than a reader. However, I am taking advice from several of my teachers. The best writers gain their inspiration from reading other books. For some time, I felt like something was missing in my writing. I will do more reading to see if I can find some way to refine my craft more than ever before. Wish me luck!



I started reading Operation: Red Dragon and I am already impressed with what I have read. In the first few pages, I was presented with all kinds of Kaiju. Some were giant reptilian dinosaurs, some were giant scorpions, some slept inside of mountains, some were pterosaurs and insects the size of helicopters, some were leathery sea monsters, and a few were colossal fire-breathing flying beasts that could eclipse the sky. In addition, there have been clues to a mysterious flying craft that was present at each of these Kaiju attacks. It hasn’t even been the first chapter yet and already the plot is thickening fast. I look forward to any new developments as I continue to read.



While reading Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End, I learned the ultimate fate of Jar Jar Binks, the least popular character in Star Wars history. After persuading the Galactic Senate to bestow emergency powers to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in Attack of the Clones, Jar Jar was banished from his people AGAIN and became an outcast to all of Naboo. The reason for this is because by granting Palpatine emergency powers, Jar Jar inadvertently gave Palpatine the means to transform the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. As a result, everyone on Naboo hated Jar Jar. To get by, Jar Jar spent the remainder of his days in disgrace as a clown and street performer in Naboo’s capital city of Theed. Adults avoided him, but he was very popular with the Naboo children and orphans who sought refuge on Naboo. It is very fitting that everyone ended up hated Jar Jar Binks both in the real world and the Star Wars world.


There have been many cases in fiction in which superhumans are empowered by a certain emotion whether if it is rage, love, fear, or whatever. However, for some time I have wondered what kind of superhuman would be empowered by the absence of emotion. From time to time, I occasionally notice a temporary sense of apathy in my mind and during these occasions I realize that I am able to perform tasks with more efficiency. This is due to how my autism processes my emotions because sometimes I am able to feel everything and other times I feel nothing at all. Eventually, this gave me an idea for a character in one of my future books. With no emotions to cloud their judgment, I can imagine a superhuman thinking and fighting with greater precision. I cannot wait to experiment with this idea in the future.