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When I started writing volume three, I wanted to provide the Young Guardians with their most difficult challenge yet that would literally push them to the limit.  To organize this challenge, I decided the Young Guardians would have to face the largest group of supervillains they had ever fought.  The reason why this would be a significant challenge for them is because in the first book, they were mere rookies up against a single supervillain while in the second volume, they were semi-veteran crime fighters up against a supervillain with three minions.  Now, with three years of superhero experience under their belt, I decided that the Young Guardians would be up against literally an army of supervillains, including Vogan, the main villain of the whole series, himself!  Some of these supervillains are from previous volumes while others have a history with the Young Guardians during the time skips, all wanting revenge!  Most important of all will be the Young Guardians’ showdown with the main villain, Vogan.  When they confront Vogan, the extent of the Young Guardians’ limitations will be fully demonstrated.  Overall, the Young Guardians are going to have the fight of their lives in the upcoming third volume so get ready for an epic battle!


As I continue the editing process for my upcoming third volume, I become more and more excited for its ultimate completion.  Yesterday, I have reached the 24th chapter, which means I am more than two thirds of the way done.  In addition, I grow even more excited as January approaches because it is not only my planned publication date for volume three, but also when I find out whether or not I will receive my book signing booth for the 2015 WonderCon.  If I do get accepted, I hope my third volume will be fully published in time for WonderCon.  I will keep you updated on any further developments.  Wish me luck!