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From a political standpoint, I can see the potential consequences that can come from a superhero’s battles. Due to their immense powers, a superhero’s fight with a supervillain will inevitably result in significant loss of life and expensive property damage. This would cause a superhero’s reputation to fluctuate in the public’s eye from being a hero to a menace to society. As a result, there have been cases such as Watchmen, Civil War, and The Incredibles in which governments would pass laws that would either ban or regulate superhero activity. With this in mind, I am planning to reimagine my sequel series again into a scenario in which the Young Guardians as an organization have been banned by the interstellar government. I even thought of how this situation would occur. There is a specific war that has been mentioned throughout my sequel series, but has not been elaborated so far. What if the events of this war forced the Young Guardians into exile? However, without the Young Guardians to protect it, I can imagine that the interstellar government would become vulnerable to the cancer of evil. Due to this fact, I am thinking that one of the themes of my sequel series will be how the Young Guardians make a comeback and return from exile to protect the government that banned them.



I have been thinking about Donald Trump in the Presidential Race of 2016. He reminds me of certain versions of the supervillain Lex Luthor who became President. In the Justice League cartoon, Lex Luthor became President, but created policies that nearly triggered World War III. This is the most likely scenario I can think of if Trump becomes President. With this in mind, I think Lex Luthor and Donald Trump are very alike in that they are billionaire businessmen with huge egos. The only difference is that Lex Luthor is a genius and Donald Trump is not. A dimwitted and egotistical man is unworthy of being President.


Every government possesses a seat of power that serves as the core of the whole system. In the interstellar government in my sequel series, there will be a planet that will serve as its capital. This planet will be the home of representatives from every planet in the government’s territory and will have elements from all of the other specialized planets, which will give it a cosmopolitan appearance. This will also be the locations where the Young Guardians’ successors will be trained. I am thinking of a terraformed planet from our solar system to be this capital, but I won’t say which planet it will be.


In my sequel series, a war will break out between the main interstellar government and a growing rival faction. For the rival faction, I plan to draw inspiration for its creation from fascist governments and radical groups. Essentially, I intend to base this rival faction on the evils that have plagued human civilization both in the past and in the present. To add to the sinister nature of this rival faction, I plan to make its dictators the supervillains who represent the Seven Deadly Sins. Just thinking about what this faction will do to enforce their rule especially with the advanced technology they will use sends me chills down my spine. Also, this faction will serve as a polar opposite and foil to the main interstellar government. The reason for this is because the main government will represent freedom and democracy while the rival faction will represent fear and oppression. This interplanetary war will be a good old fashioned battle between good and evil. For philosophical reasons, I cannot wait to write it!


After spending days imagining and planning the groundwork of my sequel series, I have decided what the general plot of the series will be. The interstellar government it will take place in will be on the brink of war due to political and social tensions. Therefore, the main characters will be tasked with a mission to disrupt the war effort of the opposing faction. This will give the story somewhat of a political thrill and give the reader a deeper look into the inner workings of the interstellar government. This plot is derived from other story ideas I had that I decided to discard so it feels good to find a way to use them.


I have been monitoring the Presidential Race of 2016 and I have a few predictions about Donald Trump. To begin with, I have noticed that his rallies are becoming increasingly violent. The reason for this is because Trump has instigated bigotry and lured the thugs out into the open, which started when he said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Also, Trump has essentially turned the Republican Party against itself, which is evidenced by their determination to bring him down instead of promoting their own campaigns.

Trump himself seems more focused on insulting his rivals and saying whatever pops into his head instead of taking his campaign seriously. He is a businessman not a politician and it looks like thinks he can run this country like one of his corporations. One way or another, he will find out that running a country is a whole new can of worms compared to running a corporation.

Ultimately, I predict that Trump’s involvement in this campaign will have considerable consequences. For example, because so many Republicans are so against Trump winning the Republican nomination, if he wins the nomination he could splinter the Republican Party into different factions. Also, if Trump wins the nomination then Democratic Party is guaranteed to win the Presidency because he has inspired so much negativity both to the public and to political circles.

Worst case scenario, if Trump wins the Presidency then it will be eight years of darkness for America because I believe the violence and bigotry he has instigated could get worse. Plus, Trump’s manners are so bad that he could start World War III while negotiating with another country. Donald Trump is not the President America needs especially with the way the world is now. Just watching the political stage unfold on the news is making me nervous and fearful for this country’s future. God help us all if Trump wins the Presidency.