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After watching the trailer for the live action Pokemon film, I decided to look back at my childhood memories with the franchise. When I was a child, I played the Gold and Sapphire versions of the Nintendo Pokemon game all the time. Even though it has been many years since I last played it, I remember my six strongest Pokemon from both games. My six strongest Pokemon consisted of Feraligatr, Absol, Pidgeot, Blaziken, Aggron, and Machamp. Each of these Pokemon were undefeated under my watch. I even remember how I trained them. I had them disregard all defensive and other non-offensive techniques and had them focus all their energies on building the strength of their four strongest attacks. Also, I had them build their physical durability and stamina. This way, they would be able to withstand a considerable amount of punishment and still strike back with overwhelming force. Eventually, these six became so powerful that they could beat most opponents with one blow and the strongest attacks hardly did anything to them. Thanks to their overwhelming strength, I was able to beat both games and defeat the Elite Four multiple times. I guess you could say that I trained them to fight in a rope-a-dope style like Muhammed Ali. If these six Pokemon existed in real life, they would be covered from head to toe in scars both from their intense training and the countless battles they fought. Even though I had these Pokemon in separate games, if I was a Pokemon trainer in real life, these would be the six Pokemon I would carry with me at all times. Thinking about these six brings a sense of nostalgia to me.


A trailer was released a couple days ago that revealed that a live action Pokemon film was coming next year. This brought back a lot of memories from my childhood because I was an obsessive fan of Pokemon when I was younger. I watched the anime and played the Gold and Sapphire versions of the Nintendo game. After watching this trailer, part of me was skeptical of this film because most attempts to make live action anime films failed. However, the Pokemon looked so much like their anime selves and the acting chemistry between the characters looked so good that I think this film will have promise. For old time’s sake, I will watch this film and see how good it is. Gotta catch ’em all!