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Because I thoroughly enjoyed the first film, I have been waiting for the next Incredibles for 14 years and it was well worth the wait. I loved Jack-Jack and how they explored more of his powers and when he had his first battle with a raccoon, which added comic relief. The relationship between Elastigirl and the villain reminded me of the relationship between Superman and Lex Luther. It was also fun to get a closer look at the everyday life of a superhuman family. It has been confirmed that a third film is already in the works and I am counting down the days. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes Pixar and The Incredibles.


After watching The Incredibles 2, I noticed something familiar in the hero/villain relationship of Elastigirl and Screenslaver. Their hero/villain relationship reminded me of Superman and Lex Luther. Like Elastigirl and Screenslaver, they were initially friends, but became bitter enemies. Superman/Elastigirl is the superpower idealist while Lex Luther/Screenslaver is a genius inventor and billionaire. Like Lex Luther, Screenslaver viewed superheroes in general as a threat to humanity and uses Elastigirl’s weakness (freezing) against her just as Lex Luther routinely uses Kryptonite against Superman. I like how Disney and Pixar reinvented these classical superhero references while making the film and I hope they do it again in the next one.