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After being the proud owner of two pit bulls, I have become an unashamed pit bull lover! I love my dogs, Wally and Fitch, so much that I am thinking of drawing inspiration from them in order to create a creature that would serve as a mascot for the new superheroes in my sequel series. The features this creature will possess will be based on the characteristics of my pit bulls, which include the following: strong, gentle, beautiful, cute, ferocious, loyal, sweet, loving, protective, mischievous, and energetic. I can already envision what this creature will look like and will use my pit bulls as models for both the creature’s personality and appearance.


Wally DNA

I did a DNA test on my youngest pit bull, Wally and it turns out that he is 50% Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 12.5% Miniature Bull Terrier, 12.5% Bullmastiff, 12.5% English Bulldog, and 12.5% Mixed Breeds. This mixture explains a lot about Wally because many people we have met doubted that he was a pure-bred pit bull. Based on the results, Wally has the body of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the legs and tail of a Bullmastiff, the underbite of an English Bulldog, and the ears of a Miniature Bull Terrier. Because Wally and my other pit bull, Fitch, are so alike, it is possible they have the same genetic mixture. So, with all of these bully breeds in their DNA, they are more bully breed than bully breed.



Ever since I adopted my American Pit Bull Terrier, Fitch, I have been thinking of basing a character or even a species of creature off of him.  I admire the broad and powerful musculature of a pit bull because it symbolizes that they are strong and reliable as a grass-fed ox when properly trained.  Fitch’s brindle coat, which is dark brown with black stripes, is both exotic and shiny, which signifies that pit bulls have a beauty to them.  The way Fitch walks is determined and he always strides right next to me wherever I go, which demonstrates his loyalty and love.  Finally, Fitch’s light brown eyes expresses a deep innocence and love that only special creatures can exhibit.  If I was to base a creature off of Fitch, I would make one that embodies an elegant balance between ferocity, beauty, and cuteness.  I can already picture what this animal will look like compared to Fitch and I look forward to it to make an appearance in my fifth volume.