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Ever since I adopted my American Pit Bull Terrier, Fitch, I have been thinking of basing a character or even a species of creature off of him.  I admire the broad and powerful musculature of a pit bull because it symbolizes that they are strong and reliable as a grass-fed ox when properly trained.  Fitch’s brindle coat, which is dark brown with black stripes, is both exotic and shiny, which signifies that pit bulls have a beauty to them.  The way Fitch walks is determined and he always strides right next to me wherever I go, which demonstrates his loyalty and love.  Finally, Fitch’s light brown eyes expresses a deep innocence and love that only special creatures can exhibit.  If I was to base a creature off of Fitch, I would make one that embodies an elegant balance between ferocity, beauty, and cuteness.  I can already picture what this animal will look like compared to Fitch and I look forward to it to make an appearance in my fifth volume.