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My beloved pit bulls finally came close to becoming true terriers the other day. Terriers are specifically bred to hunt vermin like rats and mice and my boys almost caught a rodent. I was cleaning up the backyard when I heard this rustling in the trees. I look up and this squirrel jumped out of the tree, flew centimeters from my face, and landed on the ground. Wally and Fitch went into “Terrier Mode” and started chasing the squirrel from one side of the backyard to the other, eventually chasing it into the pool. The squirrel swam around the pool, but the boys cut off its every attempt to climb out. Afterwards, the squirrel climbed out of the pool with Wally and Fitch hot on its tail. It went under a bush, where Wally dove after it. Ultimately, the two pit bulls cornered the squirrel at the base of a tree. They would have killed the squirrel if I hadn’t intervened. After calling the boys off, the squirrel climbed up the tree and started trash talking the dogs. The whole thing happened so fast that it took me a few moments to process it. We won’t be having visits from squirrels for a while after that.



Here is my family’s third pit bull, Macy Mae Brown. She is every bit as loving, loyal, and protective as Wally and Fitch. Like Wally and Fitch, she serves as a source of inspiration for me with my writing. While developing the character that will be based on my beloved pit bulls, I am thinking of adding aspects of her personality into the character. Essentially, this character will have Fitch’s discipline, Wally’s free spirit, Macy’s protectiveness, and all of their loving hearts. I look forward to getting to work on this character.



After being the proud owner of two pit bulls, I have become an unashamed pit bull lover! I love my dogs, Wally and Fitch, so much that I am thinking of drawing inspiration from them in order to create a creature that would serve as a mascot for the new superheroes in my sequel series. The features this creature will possess will be based on the characteristics of my pit bulls, which include the following: strong, gentle, beautiful, cute, ferocious, loyal, sweet, loving, protective, mischievous, and energetic. I can already envision what this creature will look like and will use my pit bulls as models for both the creature’s personality and appearance.


Wally DNA

I did a DNA test on my youngest pit bull, Wally and it turns out that he is 50% Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 12.5% Miniature Bull Terrier, 12.5% Bullmastiff, 12.5% English Bulldog, and 12.5% Mixed Breeds. This mixture explains a lot about Wally because many people we have met doubted that he was a pure-bred pit bull. Based on the results, Wally has the body of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the legs and tail of a Bullmastiff, the underbite of an English Bulldog, and the ears of a Miniature Bull Terrier. Because Wally and my other pit bull, Fitch, are so alike, it is possible they have the same genetic mixture. So, with all of these bully breeds in their DNA, they are more bully breed than bully breed.