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I saw this video that reminded me of how my pit bulls interact with my miniature poodle. In this video, a demonic chihuahua picks a fight with a pit bull, but the pit bull is being such a sweetheart and good sport as the little creature pesters him. This is just like how my miniature poodle acts alpha towards my pit bulls. She would growl and snap at them, but my pit bulls (God love them) remain good as gold and give her kisses. My poodle’s nasty attitude earned her the nickname “queen bitch from hell”.


Because I love my pit bulls more than life itself, I decided to include them in my fantasy series. When I updated Numen the Slayer, I made them minor supporting characters that pretty much always accompany the kennelmaster’s daughter Lucille (who I named after one of my deceased German Shepherds). While normally raised and trained as hunting dogs, these hounds also assist the main characters in combat situations. I thought it would be fitting to put my pit bulls in the story because dogs were commonly seen in medieval times. The type of medieval hunting dog that resembled my pit bulls the most was the mastiff, which makes sense since all three of my pit bulls have mastiff in them. Mastiffs were specifically bred to hunt wild boar and their purpose was to hold the pig by either the ears or the back of the neck and hold it down while the hunter finishes it off.


Here is a poem I wrote about my pit bulls:


“Two innocent souls look at me with fetching brown eyes.

Their large faces display hope and undying affection

while their brindle coats glimmer in the light. Only two

ambitions compel these adorable beasts: cuddling and

kissing with the closest human. I often reflect on how I

met these loyal hounds.


One terrier came from the east while the other came from

the west. Before they became mine, one lived a troubled

life while the other lived in luxury. Fate smiled on these

two puppies when my kin found them. The troubled hound

took a long journey with me and my father and discovered

absolute happiness for the rest of his life upon arriving at

the Golden State.


The pampered pup was found in a pet store. He was wild

and undisciplined, but despite his flaws was a loving

dog. When he arrived in my den, his brother from the

east welcomed him warmly. Together, the two terriers

became like a furry Laurel and Hardy and amuse my

family with their limitless charm.


Hounds have come and gone in my household, but these

two cuddly beasts stood out from the pack. Every day they

leave a deep impression among the community. It is as

though a light of heavenly love illuminates in the sky

wherever the terriers go. To this very day I live happily as

two innocent souls look at me with fetching brown eyes.”



Most people are afraid of either wolves or wolfdogs, but not me or my pit bulls. In fact, we have two wolfdogs at the dog park who are our BFFs. One is a large female who was bigger than either of my pit bulls. She was an unnaturally beautiful German Shepherd mix with a graceful walk and serene demeanor. Her owners named her after Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. My pit bulls were head-over-heels in love with her and flirted with her obsessively. They even ran together from one side of the park to the other, but she always left my pit bulls in the dust. The other wolfdog we see more often and he was just as beautiful as Arya. His name is Odin after the Viking god and All-Father. Odin is just as big as Arya except he is white as snow with golden amber eyes that are filled with ancient wisdom and spirit. Odin loves getting attention and he wrestles with my pit bulls all the time while also being a referee when other dogs are playing. One time I was sweet talking Odin while hugging him and he got so excited that he jumped up to kiss me and ended up squishing his nose against mine. I got into a sneezing fit for an hour. Overall, my pit bulls and I love wolfdogs with complete passion and we look forward to seeing our BFFs on our next visit to the park.