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I am thinking of including clips from the media in my new superhero series, which will depict on how certain important figures feel regarding the rise of both superheroes and superhumans in general. I got the idea from how there were news clips being shown in The Dark Knight Returns, where several important figures debate about their personal feelings and analysis about Batman. I watch a lot of news so it should not be hard at all to find suitable inspiration for my new project. Instead of smart phones and regular televisions, these shows will be seen through holographic display screens.


I have been observing events for some time, analyzing the landscape and taking in the facts, and reaching conclusions. I am concerned about what is happening to both my country and the world at large. To begin with, I am concerned about the consequences Trump’s so-called “fake news” nonsense. At his latest rally, he has whipped his supporters into a frenzy and there were hints that they wanted to attack reporters because they were brainwashed by Trump’s nonsense about the media. As an autism ambassador, I have a decent understanding of the inner workings of the human mind. When you whip a bunch of people into a frenzy, you can get them to do anything, including attacking reporters. Some of these rallies even took special precautions to protect reporters in case the crowd wanted blood.

It’s not just reporters that are in danger because of Trump’s war on the media. I learned that a rancher in Texas attacked anti-Trump protestors with a gun because he was brainwashed by Trump’s “fake news” nonsense. The protestors were trying to launch a balloon that said, “You are not alone” in Spanish in order to let the separated children know they had the protestors’ support. They were trying to help the children and give them hope and this brainwashed man attacked them because he accepted Trump’s “fake news” nonsense. This is how the truth dies in America, with a tyrant’s propaganda.

This is the dark genius behind Trump’s war on the media. He has lied so much and manipulated people’s views so greatly that he is effectively slowly turning America against itself. Some may ask how this happened. Well, Hitler once said “people swallow lies easily if they are big enough”. Mentioning Hitler may be extreme, but there are clear similarities between how he and Trump use propaganda and misinformation to brainwash their citizens. I am terrified about what is going to happen to the world around me as Trump continues to create chaos and disorder with his silver tongue.



This is the False President after he refused to be interviewed by Robert Mueller. At first, Donald Trump said he would allow being interviewed, but now he has gone back on his word and chickened out. His cowardice implies that he is guilty of collusion because if he was truly innocent then he would take the interview without complaint. However, it looks like he knows Mueller can and will crack him like an egg if he was interviewed. I say if he wants to prove once and for all that there was no collusion then he should take the interview while he still can. If not, then his future blunders will give him even more humiliation to deal with.


This week, I endured the unthinkable! My county endured a fast and terrifying wildfire that nearly burned down our community. It looked like a scene from the Apocalypse! The sky was darkened, ash rained on our cars, and people were being evacuated left and right. I lived in one of the areas that required mandatory evacuation, but my family and I stood our ground and were prepared to leave at the last minute. Fortunately, the Santa Ana winds eventually calmed and the fire department acquired some kind of control of the situation. Also, the fire ultimately blew away from our neighborhood, our house is still standing, and we are safe. We were super-lucky! Still, the very possibility of losing my home nearly pushed me over the edge because it is the only home I have ever known. I am still emotionally drained from the experience, but I am relieved that we are safe. If I was to write a scene involving a dragon burning a village or a scene involving the end of the world, this entire situation would be good inspiration.


I learned that “President” Trump’s most recent approval ratings are about 36%, which is the lowest in modern history. He has proven himself to be one of (if not THE) worst President who took office since Richard Nixon. He has blasted the media, which violates the freedom of speech of the Constitution and proves that he has an ego the size of Jupiter that is very easily wounded. He has done two Muslim bans that not only alienated America from the Muslim community, but also created all out chaos in airports all over the country. He attempted to force a “healthcare bill” that is really a tax bill in disguise, which would strip millions of Americans of their healthcare (and most likely kill them). He has withdrawn America from the Paris Climate Accord, which will cause global warming to destroy the world within a matter of centuries or sooner. He has alienated America’s allies around the world. We are learning that his son, son-in-law, and campaign manager have been meeting with agents of the Russian government such as a lawyer, a military spy, and a banker with ties to both Trump and Putin. The nature of this meeting is very likely to be both illegal and treasonous. Trump and his followers are disgracing themselves further every day and Trump refuses to take any of the blame. Still, despite all of the corrupt actions he and his sycophants have taken, a large number of Americans still believe in him. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING???!!! When is the nation as a whole going to wake up and admit that Trump is the worst person to be leader of the free world?! What do you think?


Trump fired FBI director James Comey today. While I am for removing Comey after his incompetence ruined Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning the election, something is not right about all of this. If Trump wanted to fire Comey for ruining Hillary’s campaign, he would have fired him months ago. Comey was in charge of the investigation of Trump’s possible connection with the Russian government. Due to the timing and circumstances, I think Comey was close to finding something that could ruin the Trump administration, which could be the real reason why Comey was fired. There is a possible conspiracy and coverup happening here! With Trump firing anyone and everyone who gets in his way, our only real option of exposing the truth is to elect an independent prosecutor who acts outside of the President’s authority. Only then can we get the answers we need to bring Trump and his sycophants down. I will be keeping a bottle of champagne ready when the truth comes out.