This post is full of spoilers from the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned. In the most recent chapter of the manga, the League of Villains suffered a significant casualty: TWICE! Twice was betrayed and murdered by the superhero known as Hawks. It was because of Hawks’s betrayal that the heroes are launching their massive surprise attacks on both Doctor Ujiko’s laboratory and the Paranormal Liberation Front’s mansion. Hawks targeted Twice not only because Twice was naive and trusting, but also because Twice’s duplication power gave him the potential to conquer the entire country by himself. Not only that, but Twice could have theoretically create legions of High-End Nomu, Gigantomachia, and all the other villains’ heavy hitters. Now, Twice is dead and his duplication power with him . . . or so we think.

I have a theory on the next chapter that involves what will happen in the aftermath of Twice’s death. The heroes may have deprived the villains of one of their strongest assets, but they made TWO serious mistakes. First, the heroes underestimate the sense of camaraderie the villains share, which will result in Twice becoming a martyr to the villains. Second, the heroes know that Himiko Toga is a shapeshifter, but they don’t know her power evolved to the point in which she could copy the powers of those she shapeshifts into.

Due to these factors, if Himiko drinks the blood of Twice’s body, she will not only shapeshifte into him, but she will be able to use his duplication power. That is a super-scary thought because Himiko will be dangerously unpredictable with Twice’s power. Twice would use his duplication power to make copies of his comrades as either decoys or reinforcements, but he would use his full power to constantly make copies of himself to overwhelm his enemies. I think Himiko will be far more creative with Twice’s power than Twice himself ever was. Himiko would not only assume Twice’s likeness and make copies of Twice, but she could create Himiko copies that would drink the blood from heroes in order to transform into them and use their powers against them. That kind of usage alone will be enough to turn the tide of the battle at the mansion in the villains’ favor. As one of the commanders of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s intelligence division, Himiko could also use Twice’s power to make copies of heroes and students to not only gather intelligence, but also sow discord among the hero ranks. These hero clones will likely infiltrate the hero ranks during the chaos of the mansion battle. In addition, I think Himiko is going to use Twice’s duplication power to avenge Twice’s death by helping Dabi overwhelm and kill Hawks, which would be perfect poetic justice.

Overall, Himiko Toga is going to be more dangerous, unpredictable, and creative with Twice’s duplication power than Twice himself ever was. Twice may be gone, but his legacy will live on through Himiko Toga. I hope this theory is right and I look forward to finding out this weekend.


Before I proceed, I should warn you that this post may contain spoilers. I have been keeping track of the manga version of My Hero Academia and I am deeply intrigued with the transformation of Tomura Shigaraki.

After forming the Paranormal Liberation Front, Doctor Ujiko promised to make Shigaraki even stronger through a complex surgery. This process was said to last four months and be indescribably painful, but the rewards are worthwhile because it could potentially make Shigaraki even stronger than All For One. We saw how powerful All For One was during his final battle with All Might and he was way past his prime. The thought of Shigaraki being stronger than that, combined with being able to disintegrate an entire city with a single touch, would easily make Shigaraki the single most powerful and dangerous supervillain in the entire story.

In recent chapters, I saw Shigaraki get hooked up to a series of tubes and wires with Doctor Ujiko cheering from the sidelines. The surgery looks like a combination between the surgery that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws as well as the surgery that got Bane hooked to the venom super-steroid. As we learned from Izuku Midoriya, when a person receives an unnatural power, their body would either be damaged or destroyed from the extreme kickback. Considering Ujiko is making Shigaraki stronger than All For One, the power Shigaraki would gain could kill him. With this in mind, I believe that Shigaraki’s body will receive a series of physical upgrades and augmentations that would allow him to withstand the extreme kickback of his new power. Once those modifications are done, Ujiko would then proceed to implant the power or powers that would make Shigaraki stronger than All For One. However, like physical therapy or adapting to an organ transplant, I think Shigaraki would need time to get used to his intense changes. That could explain why Shigaraki’s surgery would take four months to complete.

However, due to the most recent chapters, Shigaraki is at risk of awakening from his surgery a month too early. If that happens, Shigaraki may not be able to complete his surgery and his true strength may not be realized. Either that or his body may not have fully recovered from his changes and his new power would be dangerously unstable. However, if Ujiko and his High-End Nomu can fend off the heroes and give him and Shigaraki a chance to regroup to another location, then Ujiko might buy enough time to complete the surgery. We shall see as the final war between heroes and villains begins!



As a superhero writer and fan, I noticed some familiar aspects about Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia. It looks like Izuku was partly based on Spider-Man/Peter Parker for a number of reasons. Like Peter Parker, Izuku was a student who was bullied at school and was born without powers. Izuku did not acquire his powers naturally just like Peter Parker. Just like Spider-Man, Izuku has an unintentional tendency to attract multiple girls. Even though Mary Jane Watson was the love of Spider-Man’s life, there other women such as Gwen Stacy and Black Cat who were drawn to him. Once he was able to control his powers to a more manageable degree, Izuku was able to jump and leap at superhuman speed, which is something Spider-Man is known to do. Recently, Izuku displayed the ability to conjure whips of energy that allow him to ensnare targets or pull himself towards another location. This is similar to how Spider-Man uses his webbing to ensnare targets and swing between buildings. As Izuku develops as a character, I think I will see more similarities to Spider-Man.



I have been reading the latest chapters of My Hero Academia and I was overwhelmed by Tomura Shigaraki’ transformation as a supervillain. In his most recent battle, Shigaraki managed to free himself of all restrictions and as a result reached his full power. Earlier in the series, Shigaraki’s decaying powers were able to disintegrate whatever he touched. Sometimes his target would be an opponent’s arm and as he progressed he was able to disintegrate a whole person instantly. Now, Shigaraki’s decaying powers have reached apocalyptic levels to the point in which he could destroy an entire city with a single touch and whatever attacks are used against him are disintegrated as well. He now has unstoppable attacks and impenetrable defenses. Not only did Shigaraki win his battle, but he also acquired an army of over a hundred thousand loyal followers. Not only has Shigaraki’s power been increased and his spirit freed of all moral restrictions, but he acquired a sense of charisma that he previously lacked. As a result, some of his new minions used to work for his master All For One and now they are working for Shigaraki. In a single battle, Shigaraki reached his full potential as a supervillain, gained a massive army, and wields more resources and influence than the entire superhero community. He has become the single greatest threat to both superheroes and society as a whole since All For One at his height. To make matters worse, Shigaraki is currently undergoing a form of surgery that will make him even more powerful; possibly stronger than All For One! I watched Shigaraki destroy an entire city with a single touch so it is terrifying to think how he could become stronger than even that! It is official; Tomura Shigaraki is on his way to become a Thanos-level supervillain. I look forward to seeing Shigaraki complete his transformation when he finishes his surgery. Even though Izuku Midoriya is destined to fight Shigaraki, he currently doesn’t stand a chance against Shigaraki even without the surgery. It is going to be interesting to see how Midoriya will close the power gap between them.