The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I just got the English version of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia and I now have a better idea of what happened. It looks like Doctor Ujiko did in fact give Tomura Shigaraki the power of All For One, but there is more to it than that. The version of All For One Shigaraki received was not just any version of it. It is the original version of All For One! That means that the All For One quirk we saw All For One use against All Might was just a duplicate while his original quirk was entrusted to Ujiko to give to Shigaraki when the time was right.

However, is there more to this than we think? Did Shigaraki receive the original All For One quirk by itself in its basic form without any additional powers? Did Ujiko combine the original All For One quirk with Shigaraki’s Decay quirk? Did Shigaraki get the All For One quirk along with all the strongest quirks All For One accumulated throughout his career?

Personally, I think Shigaraki gained the original All For One quirk along with the strongest quirks All For One accumulated. This was hinted when All For One revealed himself after stealing Ragdoll’s clairvoyance. He stated that he didn’t need to steal Best Jeanist’s quirk because it did not match Shigaraki’s disposition. This could mean that after All Might weakened All For One, All For One spent the next five years hunting down the best and strongest quirks to give Shigaraki when the time was right. That would include Ragdoll’s clairvoyance.

If it is true that Shigaraki is going to receive all the strongest powers All For One accumulated, does this mean he will still have the ability to steal more quirks? Would Shigaraki become so powerful that he does not even need more power?

Another thing to note from this chapter is that Doctor Ujiko was the scholar who came up with the Quirk Singularity theory. The Quirk Singularity is the belief that as time goes by, the quirks of others would constantly mix with each other one generation after another. Eventually, quirks would become too powerful for anyone to control and it would cause the destruction of both society and the future as a whole. All the experiments Ujiko had been doing from the Nomu to Shigaraki have been leading to an attempt to create the Quirk Singularity.

The Quirk Singularity theory also seems to apply to Izuku Midoriya as well because of the unique nature of One For All. With each generation that passes, One For All has been stockpiling power and fusing with the quirks of its users. When Izuku communes with his predecessors, they claim that they have crossed the “singularity”, which is a clear hint that One For All is somehow connected to the Quirk Singularity theory. This further highlights that Izuku and Shigaraki are foils of one another. Izuku would reach the Quirk Singularity through natural means while Shigaraki would reach the Quirk Singularity through artificial means.

Based on these facts, it is possible that the final battle in the story will involve both Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki each becoming a living quirk singularity. If that happens, it will involve both of them reaching their full potential. It will be like two gods clashing with each other as the world around them crumbles away. I look forward to where the story will take.

IT . . . IS . . . ALIVE!!!

The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The moment we have been waiting for has finally happened. Tomura Shigaraki is finally awake! Before waking up, we got to take a look inside of Shigaraki’s head, which looked like a hellscape full of rotting hands. He was also confronted by apparitions of his family, including Nana Shimura. As he brushed the spirits of his family away, Shigaraki entered a darkness that took the form of All For One. This was similar to how Izuku Midoriya was visited and guided by the previous users of One For All in his subconscious. Since All For One created One For All, it would make sense that they would have this spiritual similarity.

Meanwhile, outside of Shigaraki’s mind, one of the electrical wires of his destroyed capsule shorted and cracked. This sent an electrical current through the puddle Shigaraki was laying in. Doctor Ujiko did say that all it would take to wake Shigaraki up would be an electrical shock. This is similar to how Frankenstein’s monster was given life.

This is the worst case scenario for the superheroes. Up until now, the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front has been going to superheroes’ way. However, now that Shigaraki is wide awake and stronger than ever, the tide of the battle is about to turn in the supervillains’ favor. Even Izuku Midoriya sensed that something indescribably terrible was about to happen.

The one-sided massacre I have been waiting for is about to begin in the next chapter. We will finally see just how much more powerful Shigaraki has become. We have been receiving foreshadowing for months about how much stronger Shigaraki would become. The wait is almost over. This chapter has been the best birthday present My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi, could have given me.


Deku Unleashed

Izuku Midoriya said that the story of My Hero Academia was the story of how he became the world’s greatest superhero. After much analysis, I am starting to believe that claim.

Like Captain America, Izuku Midoriya’s true power is not One For All; it is his heroic, compassionate, and selfless personality. Izuku has demonstrated a powerful heroic drive to save those in need even if it means putting his own life in danger or disobeying his teachers. This drive is also boosted by willpower that is as hard and breakable as solid iron. Because of his willpower, Izuku has been able to work hard, defy the odds in battles, and even alter Sir Nighteye’s visions of the future. His compassion allows him to value the lives of others and has earned him the admiration of people he saved. His selflessness has allowed him to sacrifice his own body if it means either defeating an enemy or saving an innocent. All of these traits have allowed Izuku to earn the trust, respect, and admiration of his classmates. This allows him to serve as a leadership figure much like how Captain America is to the Avengers. Part of being a superhero is winning the hearts of others, which Izuku succeeded in doing with Ochaco Uraraka. Even some supervillains admire Izuku such as Stain and Himiko Toga. This shows that even amongst Izuku’s enemies, there can still be respect. You know you are a great superhero if even your enemies admire you.

When it comes to Izuku’s powers, he will definitely be more powerful than All Might ever was. That is not an exaggeration; it is a fact. Because of the stockpiling nature of One For All, Izuku is inevitably going to be a stronger superhero than All Might was in his prime just as All Might was stronger than any of his predecessors. Izuku was the first person to unlock the dormant powers in One For All, which was something even All Might could not do. This gives Izuku a more diverse and versatile arsenal of abilities to choose from, which will come in handy when facing individuals like All For One or Tomura Shigaraki. It is like fighting fire with fire; one person with multiple powers countering another person with multiple powers. Also, even if Izuku has fewer powers than someone like All For One, his own powers would be explosively augmented after being fused to One For All, which should balance the scales of power. To make his powers even more fascinating, Izuku is a fast learner and can utilize his abilities in creative ways after gaining a decent understanding about them. That would make him unpredictable in a combat situation.

Overall, Izuku definitely has what it takes to become the world’s greatest superhero both in terms of character and in terms of powers. These traits have the potential of winning the love and admiration of the public as well as the fear and respect of supervillains. Izuku still has a long way to go before he can officially become the new Symbol of Peace, but I am confident that he will get there eventually.



This post contains potential spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I just received a scary rumor about what will happen to Tomura Shigaraki. It looks like he will awaken in the next chapter and we will get to see what kind of power Doctor Ujiko gave him. It looks like Shigaraki gained the power known as All For One, which would allow him to steal the powers of other superhumans and make them his own. I don’t know if it is the actual All For One or some variant, but it makes sense.

Because Tomura Shigaraki is the successor of the supervillain known as All For One, it would make sense that he would inherit his master’s power. The power of All For One could serve as the symbolic crown of the supervillain All For One. Because All For One the supervillain’s time is pretty much over, this is the perfect way for him to complete the investment he made in Shigaraki and allow Shigaraki to carry on his legacy.

This also makes sense regarding Ujiko’s surgery. The reason for this is because Ujiko acknowledged All For One’s weaknesses despite his apparent power. Even though the power of All For One can allow the user to absorb and wield multiple powers, there is clearly a limit to how much power the user’s body can take before it breaks down. That was one of the reasons All For One the supervillain did not have as many powers after All Might weakened him. In order to overcome this limitation, Ujiko needed to greatly augment Shigaraki’s body to the point in which he could withstand more powers than All For One ever did in his prime.

As of this moment, there are dozens if not hundreds of superheroes in Ujiko’s lab, which is a promising collection of powers Shigaraki can snatch. Once Shigaraki wakes up, all of those superheroes will be sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. By the time Shigaraki is done with all those superheroes in the lab, he will be an overpowered monster. Imagine if Shigaraki acquires Aizawa’s power negation, Endeavor’s fire manipulation, Present Mic’s sonic scream, Crust’s shield generation, Gran Torino’s flight, Rock Lock’s paralysis inducement, Thirteen’s gravitational manipulation, Tiger’s elasticity, Mandalay’s telepathy, Mirko’s speed and senses, Ectoplasm’s duplication, Snipe’s enhanced marksmanship, Pixie-Bob’s earth manipulation, Ryukyu’s dragon mimicry, and Wash’s water manipulation. Essentially, if Shigaraki gains the power of All For One, then he will essentially be using the powers of all the superheroes and teachers against Izuku Midoriya and his classmates.

The problem the superheroes face with Shigaraki is the fact that they currently underestimate him. As far as they are concerned, Shigaraki is still the small-time thug and man child the superheroes know him as when they first met him. They don’t even know how much he has evolved both spiritually and in regards to his powers. They don’t know he can disintegrate an entire city with a single touch. Only Mirko knows what Shigaraki has become and what kind of threat he presents to society. The superheroes will be in for a very nasty surprise when Shigaraki wakes up.



This post contains spoilers from chapter 269 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Shigaraki has finally been released from his capsule, but something is wrong! Shigaraki is not breathing and his heart has stopped. It is revealed that Shigaraki is not dead, but in a state of suspended animation like a bear in hibernation. The rest of the superheroes who participated in the hospital raid have joined the fight and have overwhelmed the other High-End Nomu. At first, it looks like it is a final total defeat for Shigaraki, but this seems way too easy for the superheroes. Something’s not right!

At the end of the chapter, we got a glimpse of All For One while he is in prison, seemingly smiling. This could mean that All For One has an ace up his sleeve to somehow awaken Shigaraki. The security system of Tartarus Prison is specifically designed to shoot inmates if they so much as think about using their powers. However, they have never dealt with someone of All For One’s capabilities. For all we know, All For One may have some way to hide his thought patterns from the security system or have some form of technopathy that tricks the security system. Another possibility is that All For One may sacrifice himself to awaken Shigaraki. Due to being weaken and a broken shadow of his former self, All For One may sacrifice himself for his legacy in Shigaraki by using some kind of psychic power that awakens Shigaraki. In doing so, All For One would be gunned down, thus paving the way for Shigaraki to inherit his throne as king of the underworld.

If Shigaraki somehow awakens with all those superheroes present, I can imagine seeing something similar to when All For One first reveals himself in My Hero Academia. In that scene, All For One effortlessly defeated four superheroes and destroyed the surrounding area with one blow. I think we will see something similar when Shigaraki awakens, but on a much larger scale due to the number of superheroes present. I am imagining something similar to when Madara Uchiha single-handedly mopped the floor with the entire Ninja Alliance in Naruto.

Overall, since Tomura Shigaraki is the main supervillain of the story alongside All For One, there is no way he could be dead or be defeated this soon. All the foreshadowing and story arcs have been leading us to something big and I think it is something bigger than the war arc so far.


Deku Unleashed

As we all know, the power known as One For All has been passed down from generation after generation between nine users. However, what if it can no longer be passed down? What if One For All has found its final and permanent host in Izuku Midoriya? The reason I think this is because when Izuku first activated the dormant power known as Blackwhip, the vestige of Blackwhip’s original owner said that Izuku was going to be the one who completes One For All. The fact that Izuku is the first wielder of One For All to awaken the dormant powers of the previous users strengthens this argument. Another example that highlights this possibility is during the latest My Hero Academia film, where Izuku briefly shares One For All with Bakugo in order to defeat the supervillain Nine. However, Bakugo lost consciousness before the transfer could be completed, but I think there is more to it than that. I think One For All did not permanently transfer to Bakugo because Izuku is still the final user. That means he could temporarily grant One For All’s power to allies, but he cannot transfer it permanently like the previous users did. This will be a useful feature during the endgame against Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Another reason why I think Izuku is the final user of One For All is because of the power’s innate nature. One For All has been passed down the generations and each time it was transferred, it grew stronger and stronger, stockpiling power until it accumulated enough energy to fulfill its sole purpose: defeating All For One. The fact that Izuku can access the dormant powers of his predecessors could mean that One For All has finally acquired enough power to defeat All For One and, by extension, All For One’s successor, Tomura Shigaraki. If One For All was permanently passed on any further, it may acquire too much power for any user to wield which is another reason why Izuku is its final host. Once All For One and Shigaraki are permanently defeated, there would be no need to pass on One For All and it will ultimately die with Izuku.


As we learned in recent chapters of my Hero Academia, there is a lot more to Izuku’s power, One For All, than we originally thought. When we were first introduced to One For All, it granted its user tremendous raw power that augmented their strength and speed to god-like levels. However, One For All took time to master and if used to the extreme it would damage the user’s body. We received a glimpse of how powerful Izuku would inevitably become when he masters 100% of One For All when he battled Overhaul. However, he was only able to use 100% of One For All with the assistance of Eri’s temporal healing and cannot unleash his full power on his own yet.

Now, we learn that what we have seen so far was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to One For All’s true power. In addition to the standard-issue abilities it came with, One For All also possesses the powers of all of its previous users, which means Izuku has six more powers to awaken, learn, and master. Due to One For All’s tendency to stockpile energy, each of the previous users’ powers have been explosively augmented after mixing with One For All. That means even if the original powers were weak and mundane, they would be on a completely different level now.

The first of these dormant powers Izuku awakened was called Blackwhip, which was the ability to conjure dark energy whips to capture and restrain targets. When it first manifested, Blackwhip proved far too powerful for Izuku to control and nearly ripped his right arm out of its socket. Izuku needed the assistance of his classmates to bring his new power to heel. After some training, Izuku was able to summon Blackwhip in a more controlled fashion, but he could only maintain it for a few seconds. For now, Izuku is nowhere near achieving mastery of either One For All’s standard abilities or Blackwhip. If that wasn’t intense enough for Izuku, he also has five more dormant powers he needs master before he faces off against Shigaraki in the endgame.

According to All Might, the next dormant power Izuku will learn will be the power of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura. Nana Shimura’s original power was called Float. Based on its name, it seems Nana Shimura could either levitate or fly, which was fitting since her partner Grand Torino had limited flight capabilities.

Now that we know which power Izuku will awaken next, the question is how is he going to awaken it. When Izuku awakened Blackwhip, he felt anger and an intention to capture someone. This could mean that each of the dormant powers are activated by a certain emotion and intent. With this in mind, we have to look at what we know about Nana Shimura’s character. Nana Shimura has been portrayed as a kind, loving, compassionate, and strong-willed woman. Based on these factors, I think the emotions required to activate Float are the emotion of love and the intent of saving someone.

If the emotion of love and the intent of saving someone are the triggers needed to activate Float, I think I have an idea of what conditions Izuku will face when he feels and thinks these factors. From the very beginning, it has become clear that Izuku has feelings for fellow classmate Ochaco Uraraka, who also has romantic feelings for Izuku. For the moment, they are keeping their feelings in check and staying mindful of their duties. In the unfolding war between superheroes and supervillains, I think Ochaco will find herself in a life-or-death situation and Izuku will be forced to rescue her.

Since Ochaco’s power allows her to control the gravitational field of whatever she touches, it would be perfect Izuku to awaken Float while rescuing her. Ochaco would also be the perfect teacher to help Izuku master Float. I can picture them professing their love for each other as they are levitating in the air. This could be when they cease to be friends and become boyfriend and girlfriend, which would possibly lead to them becoming married at the end of the story.

Because the powers of One For All’s previous users would be explosively augmented, I think Izuku’s usage of Float may allow him to achieve supersonic flight like Superman. I hope we find out soon as the final war between heroes and villains unfolds.


Out of all the battles in My Hero Academia, the one I am looking forward to the most would be the inevitable showdown between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. The thing I like about these two is that they are reflections of one another. As children, they both dreamed of becoming heroes, but their upbringings were as different as night and day. Izuku was raised by a kind mother who always supported his dream of becoming a superhero. Shigaraki, on the other hand, was raised by an abusive father and a cowardly family who did nothing to protect him. As Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars once said, “Pups who are abused often grow into vicious creatures.” If they swapped upbringings, Izuku could have become the villain and Shigaraki the hero. That is how similar they are. This similarity reminds me of opposites like Green Lantern and Sinestro, Flash and Reverse-Flash, and Aquaman and Ocean Master.

Izuku and Shigaraki were both trained by two sworn enemies: Izuku by All Might and Shigaraki by All For One. Due to their respective tutelage, Izuku and Shigaraki have been groomed and trained to succeed their mentors as both the greatest superhero and greatest supervillain. These two represent the next generation in the never-ending battle between good and evil, light and darkness, order and chaos, life and death.

There have been hints that both Izuku and Shigaraki may become more powerful than their mentors ever were. This was foreshadowed by the fact that Izuku is in the process of awakening powers that have been dormant in One For All, which was something even All Might could not do. As for Shigaraki, he is undergoing a transformative surgery that will allow him to surpass both All For One and One For All. When both Izuku and Shigaraki reach their full potential, it will be a serious clash of the titans the likes of which society has never seen before.

However, before that final clash can begin, we must look at the story so far. For the moment, Shigaraki is at 75 % power and may not reach 100%. Izuku has only awakened one of the dormant powers in One For All and has only mastered 20% of One For All’s full power. Given the fact that Shigaraki will be remade to surpass One For All, even at 75% power, I strongly believe that Shigaraki could easily thrash or even kill Izuku in his current state. As the main hero, we all know Izuku will not die, which means Shigaraki will just give him a serious beating in their next encounter. This will mark the gap between them and present Izuku the challenge of catching up to Shigaraki in order to fight him as an equal. Also, if Shigaraki stays at 75% power, that may be what prevents him from surpassing One For All, which will give Izuku the fighting chance he needs in the endgame.

If Shigaraki destroys hero society, Japan will be in a constant state of war and chaos. With the concept of a Hero License becoming irrelevant as well as law and order vanishing, Izuku and his classmates may become vigilantes and constantly resist the new supervillain society. Since Izuku will survive his next encounter with Shigaraki, he will be given plenty of opportunities to fight supervillains, which will allow him to grow stronger with each battle. Real life-or-death situations tend to be more effective training than any kind of simulated training. This will allow Izuku and his classmates to grow in a way they never did in school. With enough battles and life-or-death situations, Izuku may be able to reach his full potential, setting the stage for his final battle with Shigaraki.

When both Izuku and Shigaraki fight one last time, I can imagine it being a clash between god-like beings. At the start of the story, Izuku said that the story of My Hero Academia is the story of how he became the greatest superhero. Perhaps this battle is what allows him to achieve that status. I haven’t been this excited about a battle between superheroes and supervillains since the Avengers going against Thanos in Endgame. I know there is much of the story that needs to be told and it could take a long time for the final showdown to appear, but I am willing to wait and enjoy the story.


The following post has some spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The Symbol of Terror and Angel of Death, Tomura Shigaraki, may be starting to wake up at the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Throughout the chapter, we received a hint of just how terrifying Shigaraki has become due to his surgery. When Mirko sees what Shigaraki has become, her survival instinct kicked in. She knew what she was looking at was the embodiment of fear and death. As such, Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki before he wakes up and kills everyone. Mirko described Shigaraki as a “thing” as though he wasn’t even human anymore. It was like she saw him as an unholy Lovercraftian monster that was waiting to wake up.

The fact that a superhero as fearless as Mirko was afraid of Shigaraki’s new form demonstrates that he has become so much more than when he fought Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army. This further strengthens my suspicions that Shigaraki has evolved into a Thanos-level supervillain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shigaraki beats up Endeavor in the same manner Thanos beat up the Hulk.

Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki with a headshot, but her grievous injuries threw off her aim. As a result, Mirko was only able to crack the front of Shigaraki’s tank and disconnect some of its tubes.

When Mirko’s fellow superheroes finally arrived, a dialogue bubble appeared from Shigaraki’s tank, which hints that he is waking up. Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki, but it looks like all she succeeded in doing was awaken a sleeping giant. Shigaraki was even smiling in his tank and his eyes were starting to open, which implies he is somehow aware of what is happening outside his tank.

Overall, it looks like we will see the full extent of Shigaraki’s makeover in the next chapter. He is currently only at 75% full power, but I am very certain that he will be more than powerful enough to give the superheroes the beating of their lives. The heroes may have Aizawa’s power negation, but I wonder if Shigaraki’s new powers are too strong for even Aizawa to negate. Even if Shigaraki’s powers are negated, it looks like his surgery gave him some physical augmentations that made him extremely muscular. This implies that he can still physically best all the heroes even while his powers are being negated by Aizawa. Overall, I expect to see a one-sided massacre in the next chapter as Shigaraki wakes up and mops the floor with the heroes.

I can see some Biblical themes with Shigaraki and his awakening. His original power symbolizes death and the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse symbolizes death. When the Horseman of Death rides, Hell follows him. I think we will see something similar happen when Shigaraki awakens. When he wakes up and emerges from his tube, the world as the heroes know it will end.


Shigaraki Tube

Before I proceed, I should warn you this post is full of spoilers. In the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, it looks grim for the Paranormal Liberation Front as the heroes lay siege to their strongholds. However, there seems to be a ray of hope for the villains. That ray of hope comes in the form of their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. At the end of the last chapter, it looks like the heroes are about to crack open Shigaraki’s capsule. However, I think that would be a HUGE mistake for the heroes. If the heroes wanted to prevent Shigaraki from powering up, I believe they are too late. They should have taken out Shigaraki before he even gotten his surgery rather than wait until he was a month away from completing it. Last we checked, Shigaraki was about 71% done with his surgery. However, we don’t know if Ujiko did something to Shigaraki behind the scenes that sped up his surgery. Cracking his capsule open may prevent him from becoming more powerful, but it is likely he is now too powerful for the heroes to defeat. In the most recent chapter, we learned that Doctor Ujiko’s High-End Nomu were capable of stabilizing themselves without the aid of their capsules, which was demonstrated when they wised up to Mirko’s tactics and gradually became stronger, faster, and deadlier. I think Shigaraki will be the same way. He may be awakened from his surgery too early, but he may be able to stabilize himself independently. With just his Decay power by itself, Shigaraki can disintegrate the entire hospital and everyone in it. We don’t even know what other powers Doctor Ujiko gave him, which will make Shigaraki even more dangerous and unpredictable. Even in his unstable state, I think Shigaraki will be too powerful for the heroes to defeat and he will force the heroes in the hospital to retreat. I don’t think the heroes should crack open Shigaraki’s capsule at all. As long as he is in that capsule, he is not a threat and he is contained. He may complete his surgery, but he will be sealed. If the heroes open it even in his current state, they will essentially be releasing the Devil himself and all the powers of Hell. After that, it will be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. Meanwhile at the villains’ mansion, Gigantomachia is currently sitting in the shadows and watching the radio he carries rather than help the villains fend off the heroes. My guess is that Gigantomachia is waiting for orders from his new master, which is Shigaraki. By himself, Gigantomachia can easily and single-handedly turn the tide of the mansion battle in the villains’ favor. If Shigaraki awakens and gives Gigantomachia the order, it will be a total defeat for the heroes and they would be forced to retreat and regroup. Overall, I think we are about to see both battles swing in the villains’ favor.