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In my new superhero book, I will be featuring a character with a mutated arm. This arm will be a grotesque mixture of bare muscle, sharp bone claws, and dozens of tentacles that are tipped with sharp barbs. This arm is going to be a deadly weapon when used in hand to hand combat and the damage it inflicts will be frightening.



In my expanded Kaiju short story, there are mutated isopods. What sets these mutants from their normal relatives is that the largest normal isopods are two and a half feet in length and are solely aquatic. These mutated variants were about five feet long, amphibious, have jaws and claws that are sharp enough to cut through human flesh and bone, and exoskeletons that are durable enough to withstand gunfire. These creatures become a serious problem for human survivors while the Kaiju known as Karmathaur rampages in Los Angeles.


For my new superhuman series, I am thinking of including a vampiric character. However, he will be nothing like the vampires in Twilight, Underworld, Blade, or any of the vampires you would find in classic stories. In fact, he will not be a true vampire at all, just a mutated imitation of one with vampire-like mannerisms and abilities. He cannot be killed with silver, garlic, crosses, or stakes through the heart. He will be completely vulnerable to sunlight, but it won’t kill him even though it will hurt REAL bad. I am even going to put his powers on a more believable level in that he won’t have any magic powers like shapeshifting and mind control. He will be superhumanly strong enough to lift two to three tons and break rock with his bare hands. He will be fast and agile enough to run at over forty miles an hour, jump over ten feet in the air, and climb walls like Spider-Man. Like Wolverine, he can regenerate, which prevents him from aging and allows him to heal any injury or disease, even being shot in the head. His senses would be heightened to the point in which he can see in the dark, hear the faintest sound, and smell a drop of blood from a mile away. His bite strength would also be impressive and rival that of an alligator, which is 3,700 pounds per square inch. Apart from sunlight, the only drawback of having his condition is his uncontrollable thirst for blood. Because of his predatory nature, he will literally have no choice but to kill to get blood because his vampiric body will not let him starve no matter what. He cannot process solid food or ordinary liquids so there is no other substitute for blood for him to live on. If he does not feed every four or five days, he will enter a berserker rage and indiscriminately and mindlessly kill and feed on everyone and everything that moves until his body has had its fill. This will serve as an inner struggle that will make him a flawed character trying to live in an already cruel world.


When I was a kid, I used to watch the Magic School Bus show and in one episode I became aware of rather special lifeforms. A large percentage of life in the ocean consists of plankton, which are microscopic organisms that serve an integral part of the marine food chain. Phytoplankton are small plant life that produce between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Zooplankton are tiny creatures that feed on the phytoplankton and then eaten by larger animals like anchovies, basking sharks, and whales. As I write my Kaiju story, I came across an interesting idea that involves mutated phytoplankton and zooplankton. If phytoplankton mutates, would it produce something other than oxygen? If zooplankton mutates, would they eat larger prey than phytoplankton? These will be questions I will be exploring in my Kaiju story.