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I was very satisfied with how Rogue One turned out. It was a combination between a war film and a caper film. After forty years of being left in the dark, we finally know how the Rebel Alliance stole the Death Star plans and won their first major victory against the Galactic Empire. Still, even though the Rebels won their first victory, there were heavy casualties, resulting in a bittersweet ending. They used CGI to bring Peter Cushing back from the dead to reprise his role as Grand Moff Tarkin and the resemblance was striking and realistic. Also, James Earl Jones returned as the iconic voice of Darth Vader, who was even more terrifying than usual in this film. In the film, we also learned some of Darth Vader’s secrets such as his private residence and what he does during his free time. There were hints and Easter Eggs scattered throughout the film that only the most devout Star Wars fanboys can identify. Overall, this film really connects the dots between Revenge of the Sith, Rebels, and A New Hope. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to visit a galaxy far, far away.



Last night, I saw a film I have not seen in many years: The Sword in the Stone. It was all because of this film that I got into the Arthurian legend in the first place. Even though this was an enjoyable film and was simplified for a younger audience, there were some things that I would have changed if I was one of the writers. For instance, with the girl squirrel, I considered the possibility of Merlin using his magic to turn her into a human and that would lead to her becoming Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife and queen. Also, what if the writers added a band of servant boys that Arthur was friends with. These boys would then become Arthur’s future Knights of the Round Table. I think these changes would have connected the dots between this story and the original legend. Overall, though, this was a film that was full of nostalgic memories from my childhood.



I have watched the film Excalibur several times recently and I must say that it is one of my all-time favorite interpretations of Arthurian Legend. I like it so much that whenever I watch animated children films of Arthurian Legend, such as Quest for Camelot or The Sword in the Stone, I would imagine the battle scenes and music from Excalibur. I also like this version of Merlin because he is wise yet eccentric. This was also when I found Patrick Stewart as a serious fighter since he was smacking around other guys in armor. The battle scenes in this film were very physical with chests being cleaved with battle axes, men getting maimed by swords, and even a guy being run through with a flaming spear! Overall, if you are as much of a fan of Arthurian Legend as I am, I would highly recommend this film. “ONE LAND, ONE KING!!!”


Starring Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush, I first aware of this film many years ago when I first saw its trailer.  However, I watched the film itself recently and I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons.  Even though it was intended to be a comedy and I am slow when it comes to catching subtle humor, I loved the superhero elements, themes and references.  Because I am such a superhero fanatic, I was very analytical when examining the superhero traits of the film.  One of the parts I enjoyed about the film is that the characters had genuine humanity to them.  In the superhero genre, we are always paying attention to the most successful superheroes out there, but we tend to overlook the underdogs.  I like this film because it portrays how the underdogs get their chance to fight the forces of evil.  Geoffrey Rush is one my favorite actors and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he portrayed a supervillain.  As for costumes, I liked Greg Kinnear’s uniform as Captain Amazing, but I often try to imagine how it would look without all of the corporate logos stitched to it.  In addition, I liked the city in which the plot takes place because it looks like a combination between the cityscape in Blade Runner and the cityscape of Coruscant from Star Wars, both of which are cities I find fascinating.  Overall, this film is recommended to anyone who is seeking to a story about superheroes that seem relatable and human.