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Tonight, my beloved pit bulls and I traveled in time to the year 1953 as we watched the classic monster film The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. It was an enjoyable film even though the special effects were cheesy and unrealistic compared to today’s films. Whether if it is cheesy or not, I always love a good monster film. Also, this film had dinosaur references in it, which called to my inner kid. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking a classic.



After murdering Han Solo, many people think that Kylo Ren cannot be redeemed. However, there are some things to consider before reaching a final verdict. There were other dark side practitioners in the Star Wars Universe who found redemption despite all the evil they had done. The most famous example is Darth Vader, who had killed countless people in the Galactic Empire’s name. Also, Kylo Ren may have killed his father, but let’s not forget that Darth Vader did bad things to his family too. He strangled his wife with the Force (which led to her death by childbirth), he blew up his daughter’s adopted world, he froze his future son-in-law in carbonite, and he chopped off his son’s hand. Despite all of that, Darth Vader found redemption by sacrificing himself to save his son from Emperor Palpatine. Plus, Kylo Ren has shown great conflict within himself so there is still a chance he could find redemption like his grandfather did. So, I would not count Kylo Ren out yet in terms of redemption.



Some people have wondered if we would see Captain Phasma in future Star Wars films. The last time we saw her, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn dumped her into a trash compactor on Starkiller Base. After Starkiller Base exploded, some of us wondered if she escaped before the planet’s destruction. I learned that it was confirmed that we will definitely see her in The Last Jedi. However, how did she escape the trash compactor and escape Starkiller Base? Did she call a platoon to rescue her before she was crushed to bits? Did she climbed out of the compactor? If she escaped the compactor, did she gain access to a TIE fighter or shuttle that got her off the planet before it exploded? I hope we get answers in The Last Jedi. I like Captain Phasma because she is similar to Boba Fett in that she had a small supporting role but a powerful presence. I hope she will be elaborated more as a character in future films.



They finally released the title of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Some people have speculated on who this last Jedi is, but I think we already know who it is. Before Yoda died in the Return of the Jedi, he told Luke Skywalker that he would be the last of the Jedi after he died. After his failure to resurrect the Jedi Order, I think Luke lost his confidence in his ability to train Jedi. As a result, I think Luke Skywalker intends to always be the last Jedi. When he went to the first Jedi Temple, it looks like he went there so that the Jedi could end where they began, which is fitting. Normally, Jedi go to die on Mustafar, but the first Jedi Temple is a nice choice to end the Jedi. Unless Rey can convince Luke to train her, it looks like the Jedi will die with Luke. However, because there must always be balance in the Force between light and dark, if the Jedi die out it is possible a new light side order will replace them just as the Knights of Ren replaced the Sith. Either way, I look forward to finding out if my analysis is accurate.



In Rogue One, we got to see Darth Vader’s personal residence. Shortly after the film was released, it was confirmed that the castle was on Mustafar, which was the volcanic planet where Darth Vader was maimed and burned alive after fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith. It makes perfect sense that this is where Vader would live. The reason for this is because Mustafar is where Vader’s pain and hatred was born and where he truly became Darth Vader. In addition, Star Wars Rebels revealed that Mustafar was where Jedi go to die, which made it the ideal fortress against potential Jedi attacks. I have a strong feeling that we will see more of this castle in future stories. The Knights of Ren such as Kylo Ren were devout Darth Vader fanatics so it would make sense that Vader’s castle would be their headquarters. This could also be where Supreme Leader Snoke resides. Who knows? We may get to see it more detail in either Episode VIII or IX.



I watched the new M. Night Shyamalan film, Split starring James McAvoy. As someone with autism, I was very intrigued by the psychological elements of the film even though I do not have multiple personality disorder. While some people view the condition from a scientific perspective, I view it from a spiritual perspective, which I will elaborate on in another post. Also, there is a serious twist at the end of the film that reveals that Split is a spin-off/sequel to another one of M. Night Shyamalan’s films. This twist made me realize that Shyamalan is starting to create his own superhero universe just like me. With this in mind, one could argue that Split was not just a psychological thriller but the origin story of a supervillain. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes the psychological and the extreme.