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Apart from the phoenix, the gryphon is my other favorite mythical creature that has bird features. Traditionally, a gryphon possesses the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. With its ability to fly and impressive arsenal of weapons such as claws and hooked beak, I thought this creature would be a formidable beast to face. Like the giant and phoenix, I am planning of including this creature in my fantasy books.



Another one of my favorite mythical creatures is the phoenix, the legendary fire bird that is the embodiment of resurrection. When I envision this beast, I see an eagle-like creature that is as large as the prehistoric eagles that were big enough to carry humans away. I can see its wings and feathers glowing and glittering with lusters of gold and red like holy fire. Although I originally did not intend to include mythical beasts in my fantasy book, I decided to include such creatures such as the phoenix to give the story more flare and unpredictability.



In countless fantasy stories, there are heroes who gain fame and glory by slaying monsters. Saint George slew a dragon, Beowulf slew the monster Grendel, and Hercules slew the Nemean lion. I am thinking of having the main character in my fantasy book have a similar experience. However, the creature he will slay will not be some mythical monster. Instead, I am thinking of him slaying a large predatory animal such as a wolf, lion, bear, or any other predatory creature you can find in the real world. He will only be fifteen years old at the time.