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I have thought about the love interest for my protagonist in my fantasy series. Because the setting will operate in a similar fashion to medieval Europe, political marriages will be quite common among the nobility. The protagonist will undergo a political marriage in order to acquire the armies and resources he would need for his conquest. However, even though they marry for political reasons, the two characters genuinely love one another, which will add more complexity to a seemingly simple arrangement. The protagonist’s love interest will be somewhat of a tomboy warrior and proper noblewoman at the same, able to fit in to any social environment. She is going to be a character that everyone will love.



I had an interesting idea to include in my fantasy series. What if there were war elephants in the upcoming battles? It is an ingenious tactic that was used in India, Asia, and even Greece. The reason for this is because unlike horse cavalry, elephant’s charge cannot be easily stopped by infantry because of their size, strength, and durability. Also, the fear of facing something so big and powerful would be an effective use of psychological warfare. When the main character begins his conquest, his armies will use war elephants to great effect.


I have started the third chapter of my fantasy series and the plot is quickly beginning to thicken. The main character has made several significant encounters with characters that will play big roles in the future story. Now, he will reveal to us his life with his family and how they interact with one another. Overall, my protagonist has proven to be a humble individual with simple tastes and no big ambitions. He has already proven to be a complex individual and he will continue to develop as the story progresses.



In addition to swords and battles, I have always had a fascination of medieval armor. At Medieval Times, I saw several suits of armor on display. They were on sale for $4,500 dollars plus tax! Still, I admired the craftsmanship of the armor and drew inspiration for my main character in my fantasy series. When I join the Society for Creative Anachronism, I plan to include features from any armor I wear at the event. At first, my protagonist will have armor that is simple yet intimidating, but as the story progresses he acquires a suit of regal black and gold armor. I already envision the main character participating in both tournaments and battles in these suits of armor.


When I participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I hope to join a major battle. Because my fantasy project will include a wide variety of battles the only way for me to gain the information and inspiration I need is to experience medieval warfare firsthand. I had a tall, strong individual so this will be a great opportunity for me to cut loose and see how I fare on the battlefield. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



After going to Medieval Times tonight, I am starving for more information and inspiration about the Middle Ages. To this end, my friends have invited me to join an organization known as the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a group of people who reenact life in the Middle Ages. Through this organization, I will not only simply watch medieval life, but also live it. The next tournament is in January and I look forward to experiencing this event.



Tomorrow, I will be receiving a small taste of the medieval life as I go to Medieval Times. One could say that my tastes in sports are somewhat old fashioned. I love medieval tournaments because they depict men in armor colliding with one another on horses and then clashing with swords, axes, and maces. However, even though this will be a fun experience, I am not going there strictly for fun. I am also going there to gain inspiration on the medieval lifestyle for my fantasy series. The story will begin with a tournament like this and I want to examine every detail of this event. I will keep you updated and give you my review.