One of my favorite medieval films is a Heath Ledger film called A Knight’s Tale, which depicts a peasant’s rise to fame and glory as a knight. Apart from The Dark Knight, this was my favorite Heath Ledger film. In addition, I got to learn and enjoy the basics of jousting. This film was the first time I saw the actor who played Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones. I could also see a number of references from the Canterbury Tales, which is what inspired the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the middle ages as well as a story of an underdog rising from obscurity.


I just had an extreme idea for my fantasy story. What if the climax of the conquest consists of fighting three battles in a single day! These battles would take place within a few miles of one another and consist of an open battle, a siege, and a naval battle. A victory in one battle will decide the outcomes of the other two. The stakes are going to be at their highest and it will literally be winner take all! This is easily going to be the most insane battle I ever conceived of and I cannot wait to write it. Wish me luck!



Easily one of the darkest and most barbaric practices human beings could perform was cannibalism. Throughout human history, cannibalism was done either as a last resort for food, for medicinal purposes, or to magically gain the essence of their victims. Now the real life middle ages were dark and violent times and I intend to keep my fantasy book on the same standard. With this in mind, I am thinking of including cannibalism in my fantasy book and it will be a traditional practice for a particular group of people. It will also serve as the ultimate fate of one of the characters.



During the Hundred Years War, King Edward III of England waged a war against France. However, there was a problem for fighting such a lengthy war. Every soldier could only serve forty days at a time, which made a traditional army useless. To solve this problem, Edward III would routinely hire entire armies of professional mercenaries. In my fantasy book, I realized that my main characters would not be able to conquer an entire continent with a regular army and would need to adopt Edward III’s system of hiring mercenaries. In order to accomplish this goal, they would need to acquire a great deal of wealth, which will be one of the many challenges they will face along the way.



I did research on my Irish ancestors and discovered that during the 7th and 8th centuries, Ireland was divided up into several petty kingdoms. However, every once in a while these kingdoms would be united under the authority of a single High King with all of the other kings answering to him. This picture is of Tara Hill, where all High Kings of Ireland were crowned. To draw inspiration from my Irish roots, I am planning on developing a similar feudal hierarchy for the world in my fantasy book.


I discovered something interesting while doing research for my fantasy book. There were videos of computer simulations that demonstrated not only medieval battles but also conquests and political maneuvers. By watching these videos, I started to learn about how battles were fought and how alliances and enemies are made. I now have a good idea of how to proceed with my fantasy book in the long run. Unlike my original vision, my fantasy book will have a great many moving parts like many of the classical fantasy stories. Similar to real life medieval times, there will be no heroes or villains just different people with different opinions. Instead of focusing on one main character, the story will focus on a group of siblings and their companions as they lead a conquest of a kingdom. I am eager to further work on this book and see what direction it will take in the future. Wish me luck!



Daggers have always been a common weapon in both medieval history and fantasy. Sometimes daggers are used in combat and sometimes for ceremonial purposes. In my fantasy series, I am thinking of featuring daggers that are used for both purposes. I will therefore draw inspiration from the various daggers I encountered at Medieval Times and include features from each one.



Tomorrow, I will be receiving a small taste of the medieval life as I go to Medieval Times. One could say that my tastes in sports are somewhat old fashioned. I love medieval tournaments because they depict men in armor colliding with one another on horses and then clashing with swords, axes, and maces. However, even though this will be a fun experience, I am not going there strictly for fun. I am also going there to gain inspiration on the medieval lifestyle for my fantasy series. The story will begin with a tournament like this and I want to examine every detail of this event. I will keep you updated and give you my review.