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Scandinavia: 358,325 sq miles
Plantagenet Empire: 250,796 sq miles
Frankish Empire: 463,300 sq miles
Japanese Empire: 766,000 sq miles
Moghal Empire: 1,269,000 sq miles
Holy Roman Empire: 2,500,000 sq miles
German Empire: 208,826 sq miles
First French Empire: 332,048 sq miles
Austrian Empire: 263,216 sq miles

Add all those square miles and you get the Empire of Gradaia in Numen the Slayer: 6,411,511 sq miles! That is almost twice as big as the United States!



Allow me to give you an idea of how big my fantasy world is in Numen the Slayer. The nine kingdoms of the Empire are the same size as all the combined territory of the British Empire at its zenith. The red on this map is the British Empire’s territory at its peak so if you combine all that land then you will get the Empire of Gradaia. However, it is the only landmass in this entire fantasy world and everything else is open ocean. Due to this whoever controls the Empire literally controls the world.



In order to get you all ready for Numen the Slayer when it is released, allow me to give you a little overview on the politics and overall infrastructure of its setting, the realm of Gradaia. Gradaia is a supercontinent empire that is divided up into nine petty kingdoms, each ruled by their own royal family who answer unquestionably to the ruling emperor or empress of the empire. Under the kings are the barons, who rule over the various baronies that divide up each kingdom. All of the barons are wealthy and politically influential in their own right and can each summon armies numbering in the thousands, but nowhere near as much as the royal or imperial families. Under the barons are the landed knights, who serve as a baron’s best warriors and can summon hundreds of men-at-arms of their own. While these knights have their own wealth, titles, and lands, they are only soldiers who follow their lord’s orders and are not astute politicians. Under the landed knights are the peasants, who do the labor such as lumberjacking, mining, farming, and fishing among many other things. As the title suggests, the peasants are the lowest rank in this society, but they are divided into two categories: the poor serfs that serve as the main working force and the modestly rich gentry that serve as the middle class. At the very top of all of this is the emperor or empress themselves, who reside in the capital city of Chrysos in the kingdom of Gaena.

Each of the empire’s kingdoms have their own environment and their own economy, but they all worship the same religion. The northernmost kingdom is Umbran, which has a cold yet temperate climate similar to Scotland. Just south of Umbran are Aemarr, Valai, and Varland. Aemarr is a coastal kingdom with an environment and economy similar to Vietnam, full of jungles and beaches while being rich with fish, grain, and trade. Valai is a valley kingdom that is fertile beyond measure and filled with rivers. Varland is a volcanic kingdom that produces the finest iron and steel in the empire. Further south is Storuuk, which is a heavily forested kingdom that produces lumber to its neighbors and depends on hunting and trade. South of Storuuk are Waes, Raevor, and Gaena. Raevor is just as fertile as Valai, but has fewer natural defenses. Both Waes and Gaena are filled with unimaginably rich gold, silver, and crystal deposits, but Gaena is the wealthier of the two. The southernmost kingdom is Darrm, which consists of savannah and produces exotic crops, livestock, and wine.

This is all the information I can give you without spoiling everything. The rest of this world you will need to discover on your own when the book comes out. Thank you for listening.



I am in the process of making a map of my fantasy world: Gradaia. Because I am proud of my Irish heritage, I will make the shape of this supercontinent identical to my ancestral home, Ireland, but on a much larger scale. I will be using this map as a template for Gradaia and draw the borders of the nine kingdoms that make it up. I will then share it with you as soon as I am done.