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Like many anime and manga fans, I have a list of female characters I have a crush on. Not only are they beautiful beyond measure, but their personalities have a strong sense of charisma that is hard to come by. Eleonora Viltaria from Lord Marksman and the Vanadis is a strong warrior who is loyal and fearless. Masane Amaha from Witchblade is an impulsive yet kind-hearted woman who is constantly motivated by her love for her daughter. Akeno Himejima from Highschool DXD is an elegant and refined young woman who is also emotionally vulnerable and innocent at the same time. Rias Gremory from Highschool DXD is a young woman of noble birth who is loving, nurturing, and protective of those she cares about. Rushuna Tendo from Grenadier is a formidable gunslinger who is innocent yet innovative in combat situations. Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach is a wise woman with a witty sense of humor and is a badass on the battlefield. Each of these female characters were easy to like and relate to. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from these characters’ physical appearances while creating the female leads of my third fantasy book, but their personalities will be different.


I believe I have chosen some suitable anime archetypes to base the characters of my future fantasy books on. These archetypes will revolve around the main female characters and love interests to the main character. Each of them will possess their personality based on their relationship with the protagonist. They will be an intriguing cast of characters:

Tsundere: A character who is initially hostile toward another character before gradually developing a friendlier side to the character they are hostile to.

Yandere: A character who is mentally unstable, overprotective of their loved one, and violent toward others.

Bakadere: A character who is clumsy and stupid, which makes them the comic relief.

Kuudere: A character who is usually calm, stoic, and emotionless. Rarely exhibits emotion, but when they do express emotion it is powerful and intense.

Undere: A character that is dependent and constantly agreeable to a character they love. They struggle to think for themselves.

Dandere: A character who is shy, timid, and quiet. They usually keep to themselves and only express themselves to a select few.

These archetypes have allowed to develop my characters in a way never could before. They will also be more complex and relatable than other characters I created over the years. Researching these archetypes has been fun and fruitful and I may use them again in future stories.


Another anime archetype I will be using in my future fantasy books will be the Undere archetype. An Undere acts as a “yes” person for another character, especially if the character in question is someone the Undere loves. They agree with everything their loved one says and does. An Undere is utterly dependent on the person they love, which makes it difficult for them to think for themselves. One of the main female characters in my future fantasy books will be based on the Undere archetype.


Another anime character archetype I will basing the main female characters in my fantasy books will be the Kuudere archetype. A Kuudere is a character who is normally calm, emotionless, and stoic. Normally, a Kuudere’s face is as blank and unreadable as a sphinx. You never know what their emotional state is. However, there are rare occasions where a Kuudere would display emotion. In those instances, the few times a Kuudere shows emotion tends to be intense and powerful.


I am thinking of making the main female character in my future fantasy books a tsundere character. A tsundere is an anime character who is initially hostile toward the main character, but gradually develops a friendlier side to the protagonist. A prime example of a tsundere would be Noelle Silva from Black Clover. Noelle is secretly in love with the main character Asta, but she denies these feelings and becomes hostile toward Asta if these feelings try to surface. My main female character will be the same way with my protagonist. She will be initially hostile toward him due to a feud between their families, but will gradually let go of her grudge and fall in love with him. It will be similar to Romeo and Juliet except a happier ending.


“The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”

Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars

I have decided to base the main female characters of my future fantasy books on the classic anime character archetypes. One example is the Bakadere archetype, which is the type of character who is clumsy and stupid, which makes them the comic relief of the story. A prime example of a Bakadere would be Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan. Sasha was a lovable idiot who possessed a certain charisma to her. The moment after she was introduced, Sasha became a popular internet meme and a fan favorite character. I am planning to make one of the female characters in my fantasy series a Bakadere who possesses the same level of charm as Sasha Blouse.


“I am your father.”

Darth Vader, Star Wars

I just had a disturbing idea regarding My Hero Academia. I believe that All For One, the most powerful and sinister supervillain in Japan, is Deku’s biological father. Since the start of the series, Deku’s father has been notably absent from the story. Supposedly, Deku’s father has been “away on business”, according to Deku’s mother. However, I think Deku’s father has not been absent from the story at all. Thanks to Doctor Ujiko, All For One acquired a quirk called Life Force, which greatly extends his longevity, which has allowed him to remain active for over a century. I think throughout his long life, All For One has undergone many names and aliases in order to remain hidden. Doctor Ujiko, who also has the Life Force quirk, has done the same thing in order to conceal his identity. Perhaps, while assuming the name of “Hisashi Midoriya”, All For One thought posing as a wife and husband would make it easier to cover his tracks from All Might. One must remember that Doctor Ujiko was the exact same doctor that Deku and his mother went to see when Deku was a child. The doctor revealed that Deku was quirkless, but I think there was more to it than that. The fact that Ujiko was the physician that claimed Deku was quirkless means that All For One was involved. All For One is infamous for stealing the quirks of others and making them his own. Maybe Deku did have a quirk after all, but All For One discreetly took it from him. That would mean that Deku had a quirk that threatened All For One so greatly that he had to strip him of it. Maybe Deku inherited the All For One quirk and All For One himself saw Deku as a threat to his plans. If All For One is Deku’s father, the fact that he was absent in the story could also be connected to when he was weakened by All Might. There is a delicious sense of irony to All Might taking Deku under his wing because he would unwittingly make the son of his mortal enemy his successor. This would be similar to how Tomura Shigaraki became the apprentice of All For One since Shigaraki was the grandson of a One For All wielder. If All For One is Deku’s father, was Deku’s mother aware of her husband’s true identity? If this theory is true, All For One may have sired Deku, but he was never Deku’s father in bond. All Might has been more of a father figure to Deku than Deku’s own father has been. All Might was the one who bonded with Deku, raised him in the ways of the superhero, and supported him every step of the way. I look forward to seeing if this theory is true in future chapters.


“Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was. So will it always be. In time all foul things come forth.”

Thranduil, The Desolation of Smaug

After Deku’s fight with Lady Nagant, it was revealed that All For One wasted no time in gathering a new army of followers after breaking out of Tartarus Prison. During his one-man crusade, Deku has fought and defeated a number of these new acolytes and was saved from the latest one by his classmates. All For One recruited these supervillains and sicced them on Deku in order to erode Deku’s stamina and willpower. However, I think these escapees are just the beginning.

Tartarus Prison was home to the worst of the worst when it came to supervillains. All For One also liberated inmates from half a dozen other prisons, resulting in ten thousand criminals rampaging across Japan. According to Hawks, even though thousands of supervillains are now free, only Lady Nagant posed a significant threat to Deku. However, as proven by Lady Nagant, All For One can compensate for these supervillains’ relative weakness by giving them additional quirks. Also, like Lady Nagant, All For One can cover his tracks by setting up an explosive failsafe to prevent his minions from leaking information.

However, I think the recent escapees are just the beginning. Like Doctor Ujiko and Gigantomachia, I think All For One has other powerful followers from his glory days that have gone into hiding after he was weakened by All Might. Now that hero society is crumbling and All For One has returned to power, it is the perfect opportunity for these minions to come out of hiding. This would raise the stakes even higher than before.

One thing to consider is who will ultimately become the true leader of these creatures of darkness. For the moment, these supervillains follow All For One, but that could change if the vestige of All For One loses control over Tomura Shigaraki. If Shigaraki overthrows All For One’s vestige and kills All For One himself, will the supervillains follow Shigaraki? Considering Shigaraki could reach 100% and become stronger than All For One by the time he wakes up, I think it would be easy for Shigaraki to exert his authority over these supervillains. One way or another, the formation of this new League of Villains will herald the next stage of the new age of darkness.


As Deku prepares to fight his own classmates, my thoughts drift to Ochaco Uraraka. Throughout last chapter, we got to see her reaction to Deku leaving UA and his burden as a wielder of One For All. She looked neither sad nor angry, but deadly serious. It is no secret that Uraraka is secretly in love with Deku yet has been reluctantly to confess her feelings to him. Now, she is forced to fight the boy she loves in order to save him from himself. On the outside, she may seen serious. However, I bet she is struggling to keep herself from breaking down emotionally after seeing Deku in such a decrepit and wretched state. Uraraka has made it her mission to be the kind of superhero who saves other superheroes. Now, with Deku losing himself, Uraraka may be about to get another chance to save Deku when he needs saving the most. This may be when she finally confesses her love for Deku in an attempt to make him come to his senses. I guess we’ll find out in future chapters.