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I had an epiphany recently after going through several of the anime and manga I have experienced. Some of the monsters and villains are given Biblical names that would normally be considered benevolent. For example, in Neon Genesis Evangelion there were Kaiju-sized monsters that were called Angels. In Berserk there were unholy demons that were called Apostles. In One Punch Man, possibly the most powerful and dangerous villains were called Gods. Even though these creatures were given benevolent names, there was nothing beautiful or benevolent about them. I am thinking of going a similar route in my new superhero series since I am giving it an anime feel.



As you are all aware, I am a devout fanatic of both superheroes and anime. A couple days ago, I discovered a series that had both superheroes and anime, two of my favorite things! The series in question is My Hero Academia, which revolves around a high school for superheroes. Unlike X-Men, which revolved around a boarding school for superhumans, this story has the vibe of a regular high school that is specifically designed for aspiring superheroes. Each student in the main cast are colorful characters with their own unique power and personality, which makes them more enjoyable. The superhero known as All Might is essentially a more overpowered yet flawed and vulnerable version of Superman. Overall, this is an anime and superhero story that everyone will enjoy.


I have watched A LOT of anime and read A LOT of manga. Out of the many awesome techniques I have seen in battles is power that includes crippling side effects to its wielder. As the combatant accesses this power, their bodies start to break down. This involves their blood evaporating, their muscle fibers shredding, and bones shattering like glass. This level of raw power can transform the most minor character into an unstoppable warrior. However, if used too often, the side effects will either cripple the wielder or kill them. I like this type of power because it not only makes the character immensely strong and fast, but it also adds a deeper sense of vulnerability to them as they are ripped apart by their own power. One of my characters in my new superhero series will have multiple abilities and when they use these abilities at the same time, they acquire this kind of crippling power. I am eager to write this out!


I have always been a fan of powerful heroes battling powerful villains with epic music playing in the background. The powers that these two combatants wield would be so great that they could demolish entire cities as they clashed with one another. It is like watching two gods fighting amongst the heavens . . . a thing of utter combative beauty! I have seen these kinds of battles countless times in anime, films, and superhero comics. In the final battle of my new superhero series, I will be depicting one such duel to the death where the main character fights the main villain in a titanic struggle that would level multiple cities. I am getting goosebumps just imagining it!


In several anime/manga, there were characters who possessed mocking smiles and eyes narrowed into slits. These characters have been described as “fox-faced” and these facial expressions are common among anime/manga tricksters and villains. In some cases, when these characters are pushed too far, they drop this falsely friendly demeanor and reveal their true menacing nature. Since I will be giving my new superhuman series an anime/manga feel, I am thinking of including a characters who possesses a facial expression like this.



In the second season of Sword Art Online, we got to see Kirito defeat a seriously evil villain known as Sugo Nobuyuki AKA Oberon. During his virtual battle with Sugo, Kirito deactivated the pain absorber so that whatever pain Sugo would feel in virtual world would be felt in the real world. After seeing what this did to Sugo’s real body, all I saw was him being half-blind in one eye. In my opinion, the damage to Sugo’s real body should have been a lot worse considering what Kirito did to Sugo’s virtual body.

Kirito’s first strike on Sugo was across his left cheek. With the pain absorber deactivated, it should have made the left side of Sugo’s face sag and droop. The next strike chopped off Sugo’s right hand, which would have left his right arm dangling uselessly from his elbow and he wouldn’t be able to move that hand ever again. The third strike chopped Sugo’s body in half at the waist. This would cause a great deal of problems to Sugo’s real body ranging from a permanent limp as he walked, erectile dysfunction, and uncontrollable bowel movements. The final blow impaled Sugo’s head through his right eye. Obviously, his right eye would be blind, but Sugo would also suffer from extreme neurological damage similar to that caused by a stroke or seizure.

Overall, considering how much physical damage Sugo’s virtual body received and how much pain was transferred to his real body, Sugo should not have been able to move properly once he came back to the real world. Even if he made his final stand with Kirito in the real world, Sugo’s limp and brain damage would throw him off balance, his right arm would be a dead limb, and he would only be able to use his knife in one hand. That would have made it a lot easier for Kirito to take Sugo down.