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The following post contains spoilers from chapter 276 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I had my suspicions about the extent of Tomura Shigaraki’s new capabilities and it looks like they have been confirmed. Even with his arsenal of quirks being negated by Aizawa, Shigaraki is still nearly as physically strong as All Might. This is similar to how Aizawa tried negating a Nomu’s quirks during the U.S.J. Arc, but the Nomu still proved to be as strong as All Might. This proves what I suspected about Shigaraki getting physical augmentations to withstand the strain of acquiring his new quirks. Those augmentations not only contributed to Shigaraki’s enhanced jumping abilities, but it also enabled him to physically best both Endeavor and Ryukyu simultaneously. This proves that even without all the quirks from All For One, Shigaraki is still a completely dangerous supervillain and must not be underestimated.

In addition to these surprise abilities, Shigaraki had another ace up his sleeve. It turns out that dozens of other High-End Nomu survived his disintegration of the city. Shigaraki has ordered them to take out Aizawa through a special phone Doctor Ujiko left for him. Even though these High-End Nomu are as incomplete as the previous ones, they are still a great threat to the superheroes’ efforts to stop Shigaraki. It also puts Aizawa in an impossible position. With a broken leg, Aizawa cannot fight anymore. All he can do is provide backup by negating supervillain quirks. Now, he must make a choice. Shigaraki will unleash his accumulated quirks if Aizawa looks away while the Nomus will wipe out superheroes and civilians alike if their quirks are not neutralized. He can negate Shigaraki’s quirks or he can negate the Nomus’ quirks. He can’t do both.

Now, we get to the interesting part. Izuku Midoriya has finally engaged Shigaraki with Bakugo to back him up. With Shigaraki’s quirks negated, this first round will be purely a contest of stamina and strength. At the moment, Izuku can only safely use 30% of One For All and can summon 45 % of One For All in short bursts. However, since Shigaraki is nearly as strong as All Might, I don’t know if that will be enough to take Shigaraki down. In order to stand a chance against this quirkless version of Shigaraki, Izuku will have to use every trick he has whether if it’s his air bullets, Blackwhip, or his Shoot Style. With Bakugo’s Explosion quirk, that should give Izuku’s opposition a little extra kick. Still, Shigaraki has already beaten two of the top ten superheroes with his bare hands, which means Izuku and Bakugo may not be able to stand a chance against Shigaraki in his current state.

To make matters worse, Shigaraki has several other trump cards he has yet to play. He still has some quirk destroying bullets in his pocket that he could use whenever he wants. He has summoned Gigantomachia and ordered him to bring the entire Paranormal Liberation Front to him. When I think about it, the only reason the superheroes were gaining so much ground in the mansion battle was because Gigantomachia did not get involved until he received orders from his new master. Now that Shigaraki’s orders have been given, the mansion will become a one-sided massacre now that Gigantomachia is unleashed. Once those heroes are dealt with, Gigantomachia will come to his new master with an army at his back. The superheroes have already suffered heavy casualties from both battles and I don’t think they will be able to fend off Shigaraki, the High-End Nomu, the quirk destroying bullets, Gigantomachia, and the Paranormal Liberation Front all at once. Overall, the supervillains’ first victory in this war is all but assured. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter.



The following has spoilers from chapter 275 My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

At the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Aizawa prepared himself to face the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki. Thanks to his power negation, Aizawa is able to neutralize all of Shigaraki’s quirks as long as his eyes are open and fixed upon his target. This has made Aizawa the superheroes’ trump card against supervillains in many battles.

However, it is clear in this picture that Shigaraki is not worried about having his quirks negated by Aizawa. I think the reason is because Shigaraki has an ace up his sleeve. That ace is in the form of a couple of Quirk Destroying Bullets that Doctor Ujiko was cooking up under Shigaraki’s orders. This would mean that Shigaraki can destroy Aizawa’s power negation permanently if he manages to inject one of those bullets in Aizawa. With Aizawa’s power negation gone, Shigaraki’s quirks and the quirks of all supervillains won’t be neutralized ever again. That would seriously turn the tide in the supervillains’ favor and the chances of stopping them would greatly decrease. It would also have a sense of irony because Aizawa spent his entire superhero career negating the powers of others and gets his own power negated in the end.

To make matters worse, Shigaraki ordered Gigantomachia to bring the entire Paranormal Liberation Front to him. Aizawa’s power negation is powerful, but not it can neutralize the quirks of a hundred thousand supervillains at the same time. Dealing with an augmented Shigaraki is tough enough, but dealing with the entire Paranormal Liberation Front as well would overwhelm the surviving superheroes.

I also think Aizawa’s downfall was foreshadowed during his first fight with Shigaraki at the beginning of the story. During that encounter, Shigaraki partially disintegrated Aizawa’s elbow and ordered his Nomu to pound Aizawa to a bloody pulp. If it wasn’t for the arrival of All Might, Aizawa would be dead. Aizawa got lucky last time, but I think his luck will run out in this next fight.

Aizawa losing his quirk would be bad enough, but Aizawa losing his life at the hands Shigaraki would be heartbreaking because we have grown fond of Aizawa since the start of the series.




The following post contains spoilers from chapter 274 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

We finally got to see a true taste of Tomura Shigaraki’s new powers as he fought Endeavor. It looks like Shigaraki really has become an overpowered monster despite being only 75% complete. Let’s have a little overview of what Shigaraki can do so far. His Decay quirk can disintegrate entire cities. He not only gained the All For One quirk, but he also inherited every quirk All For One accumulated over the past several decades. Among those quirks are regeneration, which is demonstrated when Shigaraki could heal his body faster than Endeavor’s flames could damage it. Then Shigaraki demonstrated either an energy blast or air pressure cannon like the one All For One used against All Might. He was able to catch Endeavor off guard with this quirk and firing it point blank range in Endeavor’s face. It is then revealed the All For One the person never had Ragdoll’s Search quirk. While All For One did indeed steal Ragdoll’s quirk, he entrusted it to Doctor Ujiko to give to Shigaraki when the time was right. Shigaraki used the Search quirk to locate and target Izuku Midoriya. Then Shigaraki either flew at supersonic speed like Superman or jumped really high like the Hulk while he was pursuing Izuku. Shigaraki could even fend off Endeavor’s flames with his bare hands.

What was even more frightening about Shigaraki’s upgrade was the fact that he was not putting any real effort in his fight with Endeavor. If Shigaraki did put any effort, Endeavor would be dead right now. Instead of fighting seriously, Shigaraki was distracted by a sense of emptiness that was plaguing his mind. A voice in Shigaraki’s mind was compelling him to get his hands on One For All. It looks like in addition to inheriting the All For One quirk and all the powers that came with it, Shigaraki also inherited the side effects that came with it. Because of its nature to steal and accumulate quirks, the All For One quirk seems to give its user an insatiable desire to steal quirks that interest them. All For One himself stated that stealing quirks he likes is a bad habit of his, but I think it was something more than just a bad habit. Now that Shigaraki has inherited this side effect and has a fascination with One For All, he will be relentless in hunting Izuku down to the ends of the Earth. To make matters worse, now that Shigaraki has the Search quirk, there is nowhere for Izuku to hide. Shigaraki has proven able to fight someone as strong as Gigantomachia for one and a half months while Izuku does not have that level of endurance yet. That means that Shigaraki will run Izuku ragged until he is physically and spiritually broken while Shigaraki himself remains strong.

When Izuku started displaying the quirks of the previous wielders of One For All, fans thought Izuku was becoming too overpowered. Now, we know why Izuku was becoming overpowered. Because he was being set up to battle an even more overpowered supervillain. So far, we haven’t truly seen what Shigaraki is truly capable of because he was holding way back. In future chapters as Shigaraki confronts Izuku, he may start taking the fight seriously and really put his back into it as he tries to take One For All from Izuku.



The following contains spoilers from chapter 273 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

At the end of last week’s chapter of My Hero Academia, it looks like Tomura Shigaraki is about to fight the current Number One Hero, Endeavor! The image looks similar to the beginning of All Might’s final battle against All For One. Essentially, we are about to watch the number one superhero fight the number one supervillain. To be perfectly blunt, I am very certain that Endeavor is going to lose this fight. If Shigaraki touches Endeavor, Endeavor is a dead man. Either Shigaraki disintegrates Endeavor with his Decay quirk or he steals Endeavor’s quirk with the All For One quirk. The only reason All Might was able to fight All For One at all is because All For One can’t steal his quirk. Endeavor does not have that advantage and is vulnerable to the quirk stealing nature of Shigaraki’s new power. Shigaraki also has whatever additional quirks he received that came with the All For One quirk. For all we know, Shigaraki could have stolen X-less’s laser vision before disintegrating him and stealing his cape. That would give Shigaraki a ranged attack, which was something he did not have before. Endeavor may put up a fight, but I think he will ultimately lose to Shigaraki because this isn’t a fight Endeavor can win for a number of reasons. Shigaraki is on a completely different level than the High-End Nomu Endeavor fought in the past. I look forward to the coming duel and it should be an epic, action-packed battle.


The following contains spoilers from chapter 272 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Now that Tomura Shigaraki is awake, we finally got to see a small taste of his new power. ¬†For now, all we got to see was his augmented Decay quirk and none of the quirks he got from All For One. Even so, the power of that one quirk was more than enough to cause all-out chaos on the superheroes. After he woke up, Shigaraki wasted no time using his Decay quirk to disintegrate the hospital, the surrounding area, and all heroes present. A lot of superheroes died by Shigaraki’s hand in a matter of moments. The whole scene looked like something from an earthquake as the superheroes frantically tried to save as many people as they could while desperately trying to escape Shigaraki’s wrath. Those who failed to escape were turned to dust. As the superheroes ran for their lives and evacuated the area, they tried using their quirks to stop Shigaraki’s rampage, but it was useless as his Decay quirk disintegrated everything in its path. While this was happening, Doctor Ujiko laughed maniacally at the heroes, saying all their efforts to stop Shigaraki have been in vain. Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya could sense what was happening long before the city disintegrated and he started using One For All at 45%, which is the highest he has been able to activate on his own so far. In the epicenter of the destruction is Shigaraki himself, laughing with joy while claiming a hero’s cape as his own. I think we are about to see the first round of Izuku and Shigaraki’s grudge match. I can imagine it being similar to when Batman first fought Bane, which resulted in Batman getting his spine snapped in two. Overall, this was a satisfactory taste of what the new and improved Tomura Shigaraki is capable of and I look forward to seeing what other quirks he has gained from All For One in the next chapter.


The following post contains spoilers from chapter 271 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see Tomura Shigaraki unleashed this week. However, it still looks like the tide of the battle is still turning in the supervillains’ favor for two reasons. First, the ice villain known as Geten is rallying the Paranormal Liberation Front against the superheroes. When the battle at the mansion started, the supervillains were completely caught off guard and were in disarray. Because of this, the superheroes gained a lot of ground before the supervillains could regain their composure. Now, the supervillains have a strong leadership figure to rally behind and regroup. Due to this, the supervillains can finally unleash everything they have at the superheroes with a renewed sense of tenacity they did not have before.

Second, now that Tomura Shigaraki is awake and out of his capsule, Gigantomachia can smell his scent. Gigantomachia is a devout loyalist to All For One and has accepted Shigaraki has All For One’s successor. Now that Shigaraki is awake and in the presence of several superheroes, Gigantomachia will know his new master needs him. This is a clear sign that Gigantomachia will come for Shigaraki even if he has to plow through the superheroes’ ranks to do so. Gigantomachia has proven to be strong enough to collapse a mountain, fight nonstop for two days, and fight multiple superhumans at the same time. Based on these capabilities, Gigantomachia can singlehandedly destroy all momentum the superheroes have gained so far. Once out of the mansion, Gigantomachia will quickly make his way to the hospital Shigaraki is at. When he arrives, Gigantomachia can break the hospital siege by himself and rescue both Shigaraki and Ujiko. Gigantomachia has it in him to destroy all the superheroes’ efforts both at the mansion and the hospital.

Overall, the tide of the battle is slowly turning in favor of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Shigaraki is awake and more powerful than ever, the Paranormal Liberation Front is regrouping with renewed determination, and Gigantomachia is about to unleash hell on the superheroes to get to Shigaraki. We will find out what happens next when the next chapter comes out.


Now that we know what kind of power Tomura Shigaraki has gained from Doctor Ujiko’s surgery, it is time to theorize what to expect. It has been revealed that Shigaraki gained the original version of All For One’s quirk while All For One himself kept a duplicate. Now that we know that All For One had a copy of his original power, the pieces are starting to fit together.

When All For One revealed his ultimate quirk combination in his final fight with All Might, I thought something was fishy. Despite the strength the combination possessed, it seemed underwhelming. The reason it seemed underwhelming is because All For One spent over a century stealing the quirks of others. If that combination was truly the ultimate combination of his strongest quirks, it should have been something much bigger and more powerful. The quirks All For One used to form his ultimate combination largely consisted of muscle manipulation, bone manipulation, and arm transformation based quirks. Based on his history, that combination seemed more limited than it should have been.

Based on these facts, it is obvious now that All For One’s quirk was limited not just because he was weakened by his first fight with All Might. It was also because the copy he gave himself was the default setting, which means he had to steal and accumulate quirks all over again. In order to make the superheroes think he was the ultimate threat, All For One needed to gather enough quirks to make himself formidable enough. Meanwhile, his original quirk was safely in Ujiko’s care until Shigaraki was ready to receive it.

Now, Tomura Shigaraki has the original version of All For One’s quirk. However, we still don’t know what to expect on how it will manifest in Shigaraki. Will Shigaraki gain all the strongest quirks All For One stole over the past century or will he have the default setting of the quirk? If Shigaraki got the default setting, that means he will have to start stealing and accumulating quirks all over again. With so many superheroes in his presence right now, Shigaraki will have a golden opportunity to start stockpiling a truckload of quirks in one fell swoop. However, if Shigaraki gains all the quirks All For One stole over the past century, he will be as strong as All For One was in his prime.

We got a glimpse of All For One’s power in his prime during his fight with Nana Shimura. During that battle, All For One’s accumulated quirks had the power to not only summon unnatural abominations to do his bidding, but it also made the sky darken and the ground shatter. The fractured streets would be set ablaze with purple fire, fragments of concrete would levitate in the air, and the atmosphere crackled with black electricity. Overall, All For One’s original quirk had the power to summon hell on earth and that same power is inside Tomura Shigaraki and about to be unleashed upon the world once again!



The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

I just got the English version of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia and I now have a better idea of what happened. It looks like Doctor Ujiko did in fact give Tomura Shigaraki the power of All For One, but there is more to it than that. The version of All For One Shigaraki received was not just any version of it. It is the original version of All For One! That means that the All For One quirk we saw All For One use against All Might was just a duplicate while his original quirk was entrusted to Ujiko to give to Shigaraki when the time was right.

However, is there more to this than we think? Did Shigaraki receive the original All For One quirk by itself in its basic form without any additional powers? Did Ujiko combine the original All For One quirk with Shigaraki’s Decay quirk? Did Shigaraki get the All For One quirk along with all the strongest quirks All For One accumulated throughout his career?

Personally, I think Shigaraki gained the original All For One quirk along with the strongest quirks All For One accumulated. This was hinted when All For One revealed himself after stealing Ragdoll’s clairvoyance. He stated that he didn’t need to steal Best Jeanist’s quirk because it did not match Shigaraki’s disposition. This could mean that after All Might weakened All For One, All For One spent the next five years hunting down the best and strongest quirks to give Shigaraki when the time was right. That would include Ragdoll’s clairvoyance.

If it is true that Shigaraki is going to receive all the strongest powers All For One accumulated, does this mean he will still have the ability to steal more quirks? Would Shigaraki become so powerful that he does not even need more power?

Another thing to note from this chapter is that Doctor Ujiko was the scholar who came up with the Quirk Singularity theory. The Quirk Singularity is the belief that as time goes by, the quirks of others would constantly mix with each other one generation after another. Eventually, quirks would become too powerful for anyone to control and it would cause the destruction of both society and the future as a whole. All the experiments Ujiko had been doing from the Nomu to Shigaraki have been leading to an attempt to create the Quirk Singularity.

The Quirk Singularity theory also seems to apply to Izuku Midoriya as well because of the unique nature of One For All. With each generation that passes, One For All has been stockpiling power and fusing with the quirks of its users. When Izuku communes with his predecessors, they claim that they have crossed the “singularity”, which is a clear hint that One For All is somehow connected to the Quirk Singularity theory. This further highlights that Izuku and Shigaraki are foils of one another. Izuku would reach the Quirk Singularity through natural means while Shigaraki would reach the Quirk Singularity through artificial means.

Based on these facts, it is possible that the final battle in the story will involve both Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki each becoming a living quirk singularity. If that happens, it will involve both of them reaching their full potential. It will be like two gods clashing with each other as the world around them crumbles away. I look forward to where the story will take.

IT . . . IS . . . ALIVE!!!

The following post contains spoilers from chapter 270 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The moment we have been waiting for has finally happened. Tomura Shigaraki is finally awake! Before waking up, we got to take a look inside of Shigaraki’s head, which looked like a hellscape full of rotting hands. He was also confronted by apparitions of his family, including Nana Shimura. As he brushed the spirits of his family away, Shigaraki entered a darkness that took the form of All For One. This was similar to how Izuku Midoriya was visited and guided by the previous users of One For All in his subconscious. Since All For One created One For All, it would make sense that they would have this spiritual similarity.

Meanwhile, outside of Shigaraki’s mind, one of the electrical wires of his destroyed capsule shorted and cracked. This sent an electrical current through the puddle Shigaraki was laying in. Doctor Ujiko did say that all it would take to wake Shigaraki up would be an electrical shock. This is similar to how Frankenstein’s monster was given life.

This is the worst case scenario for the superheroes. Up until now, the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front has been going to superheroes’ way. However, now that Shigaraki is wide awake and stronger than ever, the tide of the battle is about to turn in the supervillains’ favor. Even Izuku Midoriya sensed that something indescribably terrible was about to happen.

The one-sided massacre I have been waiting for is about to begin in the next chapter. We will finally see just how much more powerful Shigaraki has become. We have been receiving foreshadowing for months about how much stronger Shigaraki would become. The wait is almost over. This chapter has been the best birthday present My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi, could have given me.


Deku Unleashed

Izuku Midoriya said that the story of My Hero Academia was the story of how he became the world’s greatest superhero. After much analysis, I am starting to believe that claim.

Like Captain America, Izuku Midoriya’s true power is not One For All; it is his heroic, compassionate, and selfless personality. Izuku has demonstrated a powerful heroic drive to save those in need even if it means putting his own life in danger or disobeying his teachers. This drive is also boosted by willpower that is as hard and breakable as solid iron. Because of his willpower, Izuku has been able to work hard, defy the odds in battles, and even alter Sir Nighteye’s visions of the future. His compassion allows him to value the lives of others and has earned him the admiration of people he saved. His selflessness has allowed him to sacrifice his own body if it means either defeating an enemy or saving an innocent. All of these traits have allowed Izuku to earn the trust, respect, and admiration of his classmates. This allows him to serve as a leadership figure much like how Captain America is to the Avengers. Part of being a superhero is winning the hearts of others, which Izuku succeeded in doing with Ochaco Uraraka. Even some supervillains admire Izuku such as Stain and Himiko Toga. This shows that even amongst Izuku’s enemies, there can still be respect. You know you are a great superhero if even your enemies admire you.

When it comes to Izuku’s powers, he will definitely be more powerful than All Might ever was. That is not an exaggeration; it is a fact. Because of the stockpiling nature of One For All, Izuku is inevitably going to be a stronger superhero than All Might was in his prime just as All Might was stronger than any of his predecessors. Izuku was the first person to unlock the dormant powers in One For All, which was something even All Might could not do. This gives Izuku a more diverse and versatile arsenal of abilities to choose from, which will come in handy when facing individuals like All For One or Tomura Shigaraki. It is like fighting fire with fire; one person with multiple powers countering another person with multiple powers. Also, even if Izuku has fewer powers than someone like All For One, his own powers would be explosively augmented after being fused to One For All, which should balance the scales of power. To make his powers even more fascinating, Izuku is a fast learner and can utilize his abilities in creative ways after gaining a decent understanding about them. That would make him unpredictable in a combat situation.

Overall, Izuku definitely has what it takes to become the world’s greatest superhero both in terms of character and in terms of powers. These traits have the potential of winning the love and admiration of the public as well as the fear and respect of supervillains. Izuku still has a long way to go before he can officially become the new Symbol of Peace, but I am confident that he will get there eventually.