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Easily one of the darkest forms of magic would be necromancy, which is the art of summoning and controlling the dead. Through necromancy, one could bring someone back to life, raise an army of zombies to do their bidding, or communicate with the souls of the deceased. However, like all magic, necromancy comes with a price. The darker the magic, the higher the price. One of the main characters in my fantasy books will be a practitioner of necromancy.


The sixth and final female character in my third fantasy book will have the ability to control electric magic. I am envisioning this character to be a female version of Zeus, casting bolts of lightning across the battlefield. The wielder of this power will be energetic and hyper.


“No blood! No bone! No ash!”

In my third fantasy book, this power will go to the female character who is the hothead of the group. She is rash and reckless, which makes her perfect for this power. One could argue that she will become an expert at scorched earth tactics. Unfortunately, she will have to learn how to control her newfound power like the other characters.


“That which does not kills us, makes us stronger.”

Friederich Nietzsche

As mentioned in my previous post, the female characters in my third fantasy book will be receiving magical powers through mysterious means. One of the characters will have the ability to become stronger and more durable the more physical damage she sustains. This will be a useful ability to have when on the battlefield. When she enters the fray, she will have the strength and durability of a normal human. However, after the battle, she will become a one-girl-army.


So far, magic has been governed by the same mechanics throughout my fantasy series. Under normal circumstances, a sorcerer draws power from their vitality to fuel their usage of magic. In my third book, I will be featuring a sorcerer that does the opposite. Instead of drawing power from themselves to fuel their magic, they will be drawing power from their surrounding environment to fuel their magic. This will potentially give them larger reserves of power to draw from than a normal sorcerer, which generates more potent magic than usual. Such a sorcerer has not existed in the empire in over a thousand years. This ability will also cause problems with other sorcerers.


In my third fantasy book, a strange form of magic will reveal itself. This magic will allow the user to grant magical abilities onto others. With the Druids all but extinct, magic is on its last legs. However, this secret will enable magic to have a comeback. Unfortunately, because the receivers do not possess a natural connection to magic, it will rustle a few feathers among certain groups in the empire.


For the longest time, I have wondered what would be a realistic way to introduce my Dark Lord and his minions in my fantasy series. The first two books revolved around vengeful dynastic feuds between kings and emperors, which was largely based on real-life medieval history. Therefore, how does one introduce such a sinister enemy after two books that were mostly grounded in realism. I turn my attention to magic, which is a mere flicker of what it once was in my fantasy series. What if certain experiments were conducted in an attempt to restore magic to its former glory? What if those experiments produced faulty results that lead to something ugly? Compared to natural magic, I think artificial magic would be more dangerous and unpredictable. Just as Dr. Frankenstein created an artificial human that ran amok, I think the remaining magicians would make something run amok by creating artificial magic. I will tinker with this further as I continue to write my third fantasy book.