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I just published another Kindle book, The Theatre Plays of a Common Man, which is the sequel to The Writing Arsenal of a Common Man. It is a collection of plays I wrote in my Screenwriting class in community college. You can get it for $4.99 on Kindle or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. This Sunday, though, it will be free for five days. I designed the cover on a photograph I took of a ballet theatre in New York City when my family and I were celebrating Christmas. Check it out!


I have always been a fan of medieval literature and fantasy to the degree in which I draw inspiration from it along with my personal experiences. While brainstorming on the origins of the king in my fantasy project, I remembered the story of Romeo and Juliet in which two feuding noble families hated one another yet two of their children were in love with each other. Recalling this gave me an idea for my fantasy project. What if the kingdom was divided by a civil war that was triggered by a blood feud between two of the strongest noble families. What if the king’s parents were members of these two families and eloped together, followed by a small group of loyal servants? The king will be raised by the servants who accompanied his parents and will grow up in a leaderless world that threatens to destroy itself unless it is united under a single banner. As to how the king would unite the fractured kingdom, I drew inspiration from Arthurian legend. King Arthur became king by drawing the sword Excalibur from the stone. With this in mind, I am thinking that the king in my fantasy project would win the throne by performing a miracle that will earn him the loyalty of his supporters and the power to conquer his enemies. Overall, I believe that this fantasy project may become too big to fit in just one book so I will break it up into a possible trilogy.