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Another common medieval weapon was the mace, which was a powerful bludgeoning weapon that was strong enough to crush armor with a single swing. I prefer the flanged design like the one in this picture instead of the spiked design because the flanged design could cause more damage to armor than the spiked design. I am thinking of making it the weapon of choice of one of the major characters in my fantasy, who is the heir of a long lineage of formidable knights.



I learned an interesting fact about knighthood. The most known version of becoming a knight is when someone of noble or royal birth bestows the title to an individual after proving their valor or completing their training as a squire. However, there is another way to become a knight in which knighthood is passed down from father to son. These knights would be nobles who have titles and lands, but will be of lower rank than a baron or duke. I am thinking of using this version of knighthood in my fantasy series and these knights will have a special connection with my main character.