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I just had a fun thought I may toy with in future volumes of my fantasy series. Imagine being charged by over ten thousand men on horseback. All of these men will be fully armored knights and hardened survivors of a hundred battles. Now imagine being in an army that is larger than the cavalry force, but fresh and inexperienced. What do you think your odds of winning or surviving are?


I had an idea for a minor siege battle in my fantasy book that will involve 300 men defending a fortress against 4,000 men. It will be a battle in which the defenders are outnumbered 13 to 1. These defenders will be more like Anglo-Saxon warriors like those in Northumbria and Wessex. Who will triumph against those odds? Place your bets!



While I was at the medieval tournament, I came across a number of interesting armor designs. Among those designs was this scale mail, which was made from metal segments interconnected through normal chainmail. This provides it with extra protection to the wearer. I like the design so much that I am thinking of including this design in my fantasy book.


The battle axe has always been an iconic medieval weapon of war. Because I am of Scandinavian descent, I am particularly interested in the Viking variant of the weapon, whose lethality is demonstrated in the video above. Still, this video demonstrates the version of the battle axe that MUST be wielded with two hands. I am more intrigued by the version that can be wielded either with one or two hands because it provides more versatility than the larger variant. For my fantasy book, I am thinking of making the Viking battle axe the weapon of choice of a major character.


Nowadays, whenever we read a fantasy book that is about someone trying to usurp someone and take the throne, we think of Game of Thrones. However, the truth is that those kinds of medieval politics always appear in fantasy works in one form or another. The reason for this is because fantasy as a genre is largely based on medieval Europe and during those days there was always someone trying to overthrow someone else for the throne. This was the case when Henry IV usurped Richard II, or William the Conqueror usurping Harold Godwinson, or Edward IV usurping Henry VI, or Henry VII usurping Richard III. The list goes on and on into infinity. Therefore, when someone writes a fantasy story about someone trying to usurp a dynasty and claim a throne for themselves that does not mean that they are basing it on Game of Thrones.



It was a glorious day at Gyldenholt Unbelted. I got to wear a tunic, clock, and livery collar. I tried some quiche, listen to medieval music, learn some swordsmanship, and watch a great deal of awesome fights. In addition, I gained a lot of insight and inspiration that will prove quite useful in writing my fantasy book. I look forward to the next event.