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I learned a great deal about both the early and late Middle Ages. Among these revelations was the fact that in the Early Middle Ages, countries such as England and Ireland were divided up into several petty kingdoms before being unified under a single banner. Throughout history, empires started with a single kingdom before being forged by conquering new territories. With this in mind, I am thinking of including such petty kingdoms in my fantasy book. Each of these petty kingdoms will be based on my ancestral heritage in Scandinavia, Ireland, England, and all of Western Europe.



I had been expanding my research on monarchs from all over medieval Europe rather than just England. In the process, I discovered something fascinating. The longest reigning monarch in European history, Louis XIV of France, had at least 16 illegitimate children and legitimized several of them. Among these legitimized royal bastards was this man, Louis Alexandre, Count of Toulouse. After being legitimized, his royal blood allowed him to become the Grand Admiral of France at the age of five! That is an impressive feat for someone so young to achieve especially due to their previous illegitimate status. Even though most monarchs leave their illegitimate children out in the streets with their discarded mistresses, I am going to take something out of what I have learned from this man. In my fantasy book, I am thinking of having the main monarch give wealth, lands, and titles to all of his illegitimate children as well as legitimize them. In order to avoid a fratricidal bloodbath after he dies, I am thinking of the main monarch keeping a strict record on who is on the line of succession. This will demonstrate that I believe that no man should leave any of children with nothing no matter how humble their origins.


I have finished the fifth chapter of my fantasy book and i am thrilled about this particular chapter. The reason for this is because it is the first one to depict the point of view of the main villain of the story and his family. Here, the readers will get an idea of the political field of my fantasy world as well as what kind of person the villain is. For this chapter, I will be drawing inspiration from Richard III’s supposed role in the disappearance of his nephews in the Tower of London. I never thought I would write a story that involves treachery, but I must say that it is growing on me. In real life medieval Europe, treachery was the factor that decided the rise or fall of entire factions such as when House Stanley won Henry Tudor the English crown by betraying Richard III.