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William and Kate: The royal wedding

After experiencing two weddings in one lifetime, I adore the idea of two lovers getting married. By combining those experiences with the royal wedding of Prince William and Lady Katherine for inspiration, I plan to depict the royal weddings of the two kings in my fantasy series. Both weddings will have all of the ceremony fit for a king, but their spouses will come from opposite backgrounds, which will play a big role in their future rivalry.



I had an interesting idea regarding the overall story of my fantasy series. I am thinking of basing it on the points of view of two rival kings. There will be no villains just two powerful young men and their loyal followers competing for the same throne, which was how it has always been throughout medieval history. At first, I thought of making one king the hero and the other the villain, but now I feel that is a cliche that has been used too many times over. Instead, I will base their relationship on that of the rival kings of the past, which will make them seem more human than cartoon characters. Each king will have the love and loyalty of their followers and they will each have their own motivations for the throne. The more I picture it, the more intrigued I am on how it will develop.



Due to my independent history lessons, I have taken a keen interest in English royalty ranging from William the Conquerer to Henry VIII to the current monarch Queen Elizabeth II. For the main character of my fantasy series, I will be drawing inspiration from many of these monarchs and include traits from their personalities and reigns. For example, I will base the character’s quest for the throne on that of William the Conquerer and Henry VII. I will also be drawing inspiration from the Golden Age reign of Queen Elizabeth I and the number of children of Henry I. Another example is that I will base his lifespan and reign for however long Queen Elizabeth II lives and reigns. The reason for this is because she is currently the longest reigning monarch in English history due to being on the throne for over 64 years and counting. Because she is still living and ruling, I may need to wait a few years to write the ending of my fantasy series in order to depict the end of my protagonist’s life as king, which will serve as the capstone of his story. Fortunately, this will give me time to write the early years of my protagonist’s life, which will serve as the bulk of the story. Overall, I am finding English royalty to be an interesting source of inspiration for my fantasy series and molding a character into an ideal fantasy king.