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Here is an interesting fact about Henry VII’s reign. After he was crowned, Henry summoned his first Parliament and reworked recent events to suit himself. He legally labeled Richard III a false king in order to justify his own flimsy claim to the throne. What was even more unusual about Henry VII’s first Parliament is how he dated his reign. He dated his reign to the day before he defeated Richard III on the Battle of Bosworth Field. You may ask what is the significance of a single day. By dating his reign to the day before he defeated Richard III, Henry was effectively accusing EVERYONE who sided with Richard III of treason! This gave Henry the legal right to attaint Richard’s surviving loyalists any time he wanted. To be attainted is to have all of your lands, titles, and wealth stripped away. This frightened many Yorkists into submission and begrudgingly accepted Henry as their new king. I am thinking of doing something similar with my fantasy series.




Crowns have always served as the symbol of a monarch’s authority for thousands of years. In my fantasy series, crowns also serve the same purpose. Every king, queen, emperor, and empress in Gradaia’s Empire wears one, each in their own unique style. So far I have depicted three crowns in Numen the Slayer, but as the series progresses, you will see the other crowns of the other monarchs in the Empire. The Sylvas’ Imperial crown is made of red gold, decorated with rubies and points that resemble curved horns. King Robar Baal wore a crown that was a circlet of black iron with a single ruby at its center. Numen’s crown is reforged from the Ferruman (meteorite metal) falchion of King Robar. Because it is forged from Ferruman, Numen’s crown is silvery-black and decorated with dark gemstones and five spikes that resemble thick sword blades. In future works, I will feature a crown that will shame all the rest.



One of the most interesting kings in European history would be King Louis XIV of France also known as the Sun King. Louis was the longest reigning monarch in all of European history due to the fact that he ruled France for over 72 years and 110 days since he was four years old. He successfully established an absolute rule for the French monarchy that lasted until the French Revolution three-quarters of a century after his death. One of the ways he established absolute monarchy was constructing the Palace of Versailles and invited the entire aristocracy inside for extravagant celebrations. However, these celebrations were a facade so that Louis could keep a close eye on his vassals and constantly keep them in line. In addition to a long and absolute reign, Louis was also a prolific womanizer who sired 22 children (6 legitimate). Two of his illegitimate sons he made into Counts and the Grand Admiral of France at an early age, one at two-years-old and one at five-years-old. Most kings would have left their illegitimate children in the streets, but Louis XIV was different because he took good care of ALL his children, legitimate and illegitimate alike, by giving them lands, wealth, and titles of their own. For the main character in the third volume of my fantasy trilogy, I will be drawing inspiration from Louis XIV.



I thought of something wonderful for the final volume of my fantasy series. I am thinking of making the final volume revolve around the grandson or great-grandson of Numen the Slayer. I am thinking of having this character be Emperor of Gradaia┬ásince the day he was born. An infant ruler may seem outrageous at first, but this has happened before in real life. Henry VI was ten months old when he was crowned and the last Emperor of China, Puyi, was two years old when he was crowned. This story idea is interesting to explore because sovereignty would be the only life this character will ever know. Imagine all of the responsibilities and obligations someone would have to go through at such an early age and the psychological impact it would have on them over the years. It is like what Henry IV said, “Weary is the head that wears the crown”.



This is the main villain of Numen the Slayer, King Robar Baal of Umbran. While creating him, I drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s version of Richard III as well as the Arthurian tyrant Vortigern. Like Shakespeare’s Richard III, Robar is a hunchback, but to make him more unique and reviled I made him a cannibal as well as a tyrant. Also, I included a more human side to him due to being persecuted all his life as a deformed creature even by his own family. To compensate for his insecurities, Robar purposely makes himself a tyrant in order to demand respect from those who mock him. His last name “Baal” is based on the demon who is one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Robar’s weapons of choice are a falchion forged from a meteorite and a meat cleaver that has a handle made from human bone as well as a collection of knives he carries on his belt. Overall, Robar serves as the driving force behind the story of Numen the Slayer.



I had an insane idea for a kingdom in my future fantasy books. I am envisioning a kingdom that is volcanic in nature. With a volcanic kingdom, the inhabitants would have access to both igneous rock and volcanic ash. Igneous rock and lava have a high iron content, which will come in handy when it comes to forging armor, weapons, and other metallic items. Volcanic ash is one of the best fertilizers in the world, which would help the kingdom’s farmers fertilize their fields. As I contemplate this idea, I will be drawing inspiration from Iceland, which not only has a history with my viking ancestors, but also has several active volcanos. It is often said that hard places breed hard people and if these people live in a volcanic environment they would be the hardest people of them all.


For the future volumes of my fantasy series, I envision a tropical kingdom that consists of a stretch of coastline and a collection of nearby islands. Geographically, it would be a combination between Hawaii and Chile. Economically and militarily, it would be a mercantile state with a strong navy. Culturally, I can envision it to be like a combination between viking and Pacific Islander. My DNA test showed that a small percentage of me is Pacific Islander so this would be a good chance to combine certain aspects of my heritage to create some of the kingdoms in my fantasy world.