As my Creative Writing Class progresses, become more exposed to a wide variety of different genres and my writing arsenal grows. My next published work will be a collection of these various genres. I am planning to release this latest project at around Christmas time this year. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I am an avid fan of action-packed battle scenes and I love applying them into my stories. Whenever I write a battle scene, I like to make it intense and brutal without compromising the integrity of the story. I believe that the Young Guardians can truly test the limits of their capabilities when they engage in hardcore battles with aggressive opponents. In the fourth and final volume of my main series, the most extreme battle scene I have ever planned will be featured. I spent so many years planning and organizing this one battle scene and it is going to be my masterpiece when it comes to battle scenes.


Now that I have decided to make the fourth volume the finale of my main series, I have started making modifications and upgrades with the plot. Much of the original plot will remain, but there will also be changes to accommodate the events that will lead up to the final battle between the Young Guardians and Vogan. One of the opening acts that will lead to the war consists of Vogan’s legions marching through the streets of civilization before unleashing their might and brutally annihilate anyone in their path. Due to the aftermath of the third volume, both sides will be recruiting as many soldiers as they can before confront their enemy. Overall, this is going to easily be the juiciest book I have ever written. I cannot wait!


We all know how magic and technology operate individually, but what would happen if a combination between these two concepts was created? Imagine machines that are powered and animated by magic! This innovation would transcend the limitations of either magic or technology and pave the ways for new and unpredictable applications. I am thinking of giving this ability to one of the main supervillains in my graphic novel series. This individual would be responsible for mass-producing their faction’s army, weapons, and warships. Imagine a war that is fought between one faction using normal technology one one side and the other faction utilizing techno-sorcery on the other. So despite being outnumbered, this rival faction would have superior weaponry and unpredictable technology. This will provide an interesting war to fight.


In one of my new short stories, the main character is Robert Nathan, who is one of my favorite new characters to work with. He begins as a young man with high expectations and optimism. His origin as a superhero was a classical laboratory accident that transforms him into a being that is not made of flesh, blood, or bone. His powers consist solar energy manipulation and control over matter on an atomic level. He is by far one of the most radical protagonists I ever created and I look forward to developing him further in future works. If you wish to discover Robert’s story, click here.