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At Galaxy’s Edge, there were signs of the First Order everywhere. There were stormtroopers patrolling the streets. I even did a mind trick on one of them. There was an entire section of the park that was dedicated to the First Order, which featured gift shops and Kylo Ren’s command shuttle.


I was completely giddy when I found out that Galaxy’s Edge had another simulator ride like Star Tours. Unlike Star Tours, you got to control the starship instead of just ride it. This was not just any starship; my godmother and I got to pilot the Millennium Falcon itself! Under normal circumstances, we would have been assigned gunners and engineers. However, due to an unknown factor, my godmother and I had to pilot the Falcon by ourselves. So, we were down four crew members and we had to evade the First Order alone! We managed to get to our destination and aid the Resistance, but we took a lot of damage, which cost us valuable credits. I love my godmother more than life itself, but she is a useless copilot. Still, it was completely fun and nostalgic to be inside and pilot the most legendary smuggling freighter in the galaxy!


As I immersed myself in Galaxy’s Edge, I got to see so many nostalgic sights. Unlike the stormtroopers, I found the droids I was looking for. I saw Wild Space architecture, Jedi runes and statues, and even a flock of nunas being roasted next to a pod racer engine. I’m glad I did not eat the nunas because I didn’t want to get coaxium poisoning. For those of you who don’t know, coaxium is a type of hyperspace fuel that is potent yet unstable. It appeared in the Han Solo movie. I also found some die hard fans who spoke both Mandoa and Huttese like me and we had a conversation in both languages. I actually felt like I was in a settlement in the Star Wars universe.



Another Star Wars attraction I went to was the Launch Bay in Tomorrowland. Inside, you got to see video documentaries, models, gift shops, and you got to meet your favorite characters on the light and dark sides of the Force. I especially like the documentaries because they showed the inner workings to what we can look forward to in the Star Wars universe. It also showed that Disney really is trying hard to preserve the legacy of Star Wars despite the flaws in their recent movies. That gives me hope.