“Revenge is like a poison. It can take us over and before you know it . . . it can turn you into something ugly.”

Aunt May, Spider-Man 3

I like anime stories where the protagonist has a power that possesses a mind of its own. Due to this sentient power, the protagonist often becomes consumed by their own ability. When that happens, the protagonist goes berserk and cannot discriminate between friend or foe. In combat situations, this form of possession makes the user a destructive for of nature. However, when they gain control of this power, then their true potential is revealed.


“No blood! No bone! No ash!”

HOMRA’s motto, K

I have always been a fan of anime including the Shonen sub-genre. I am thinking of basing the main character of my third fantasy book on the basic archetype of a Shonen protagonist. In such manga/anime, the protagonist would be given power and they would undergo hardship and turmoil, growing stronger with each battle. Eventually, after so much training and battles, the protagonist becomes an overpowered badass.


“And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.”

Genesis 6:17

In previous posts, I talked about the metaphorical ark that will appear in my dinosaur series. Now, I shall talk about the metaphorical flood. I thought about every natural disaster I could think of such as tsunamis, super storms, earthquakes, and volcanos. What if disasters such as these happened all at once and were triggered by a single event? I am planning to depict such a collection of events in my dinosaur series. It will be like the natural disasters that played a role in the mass extinctions in the past, but far worse. All of this will represent the “flood” in my story. I will be drawing inspiration from disaster films such as Day After Tomorrow and 2012.


“Bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you.”

Genesis 6:19

I mentioned Noah’s Ark in a previous post regarding my dinosaur series. I am picturing a location that would act as a safe place for all the reverse engineered animals, including the fictional dinosaur species. Meanwhile, an apocalyptic mass extinction takes place in the outside world. When the dust settles, these manmade life forms will be left to repopulate a sanitized planet. I won’t say if this scenario will succeed or fail, but it will change the world regardless of the outcome. My dinosaur series will depict the chain of events that will lead to this scenario.


We know about Gallimimus from the Jurassic Park franchise, but there was one ostrich-like dinosaur that was even larger than Gallimimus: Gigantoraptor! Gigantoraptor was a species of Oviraptor that stood 15 feet tall, which was five feet taller than a basketball hoop. For my upcoming dinosaur book, my fictional species of ostrich-like dinosaur will be the same size as Gigantoraptor. Imagine that flock of Gallimimus from Jurassic Park, but super-sized! Try outrunning a flock of these giants!


One of the more intriguing marine reptiles that existed during the reign of the dinosaurs would be Nothosaurs. Nothosaurs lived during the Triassic Period, which was when the dinosaurs first evolved. They were ancient relatives of Plesiosaurs, which were among the more famous marine reptiles. I have been intrigued by Nothosaurs because they look like a reptilian mixture between a seal and a mermaid. They are graceful when they swim yet deadly when they need to be. I will be featuring a marine reptile in my dinosaur series that is physically similar to Nothosaurs, but it will be a completely different creature altogether.


Years ago, I visited my relatives in Texas and we went to Carlsbad caverns. Before we went in, we watched as a swarm of bats flew out of the cave. Watching those bats made me feel like Batman. When we went inside the caverns, I felt as though I was in a Jules Verne novel. All kinds of beautiful rock formations decorated the caves. It was like entering a primeval world that time forgot. If I turned around the next corner and found a prehistoric monster, I would not have been surprised. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from my experiences in Carlsbad for my future dinosaur books.


For the future stories in my fantasy series, I have been brainstorming what kind of historical civilizations to draw inspiration from. I mentioned the introduction of a new continent that will come into conflict with the Gradaian Empire. I have been toying with the number of kingdoms this new continent would have, but I have settled on nine nations. Among those nations would be the Ancient Greeks, the Ottoman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Franks, the Anglo-Saxons, the Ancient Chinese, the Byzantine Empire, the Ancient Egyptians, and the Rus Vikings.


“Members of the emperor’s fanatic bodyguard fight to the bitter end.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

While writing my third fantasy book, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming on a particular group of characters. When I think of an emperor’s bodyguards, I picture a group of warriors who are the absolute best soldiers the imperial military has to offer. This was the case with the Praetorian Guard of the Roman Empire, who served as bodyguards and enforcers of Roman emperors. At their peak, the Praetorian Guards numbered 15,000 strong, but they have been known to turn on their emperors from time to time. I also like the Elite Praetorian Guards from Star Wars: The Last Jedi because they were skilled in both melee combat and martial arts. Using melee weapons or martial arts individually can make a warrior formidable, but when these two styles are combined, the warrior becomes twice as deadly. Snoke’s Praetorian Guards were also fanatically loyal to their master, which was evidenced when they tried to avenge his death. However, the Elite Praetorian Guard of the First Order were too few in number to suitably protect someone as important as Supreme Leader Snoke. The Romans had the right idea because in order to protect a powerful and influential ruler you need to use an entire army and not just a select few bodyguards. My idea of the ideal bodyguards for an emperor are warriors that are fanatically loyal, merciless, persistent, fearless, aggressive, and highly disciplined. For my third fantasy book, a new breed of imperial bodyguards will be introduced. Like the Roman Praetorian Guard, these imperial guards will be organized into a sizable force. Like the First Order Praetorian Guard, these bodyguards will be highly skilled in the use of both melee combat and martial arts. Another twist is that these imperial guards will not be human.


“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Gaius Julius Caesar

I have stumbled upon a treasure trove of inspiration for my fantasy series. I found a collection of documentaries that talk about the lives and careers of Roman emperors. I have been brainstorming on the personalities and backstories of future members of the Imperial Dynasty. After discovering these documentaries, I will be basing members of the Imperial Dynasty after various Roman Emperors. I have started learning about the man who started it all: Gaius Juilius Caesar.