Since I will be trying to give my future superhuman series a manga feel, I will be basing some of the characters after the classical types of manga characters. For example, I am thinking of making the female lead a Yandere character. A Yandere character is a character who has strong romantic feelings for another character yet is mentally unstable and engages in acts of extreme violence. It was common for many Yandere characters to be female. The two most prominent examples of Yandere I can think of are Lucy from Elfen Lied and Shiro from Deadman Wonderland. Both of these characters were deeply in love with the male leads of their respective stories and they both suffered from multiple personality disorder. In addition, both Lucy and Shiro were sadistic psychopaths who engaged in mutilation and mass murder. Personality-wise, they possessed a Jekyll and Hyde mentality with their normal personalities being gentle, innocent, and sweet while their dark sides are sadistic, cruel, and bloodthirsty. That will be the mindset I will give my female lead for my superhuman series.



One thing I have noticed in almost every anime and manga I have seen is that there seems to always be a character or multiple characters who were psychological freaks. These characters were so crazy that they would do things that sane people would consider disturbing or inhuman. For example, Juzo Suzuya (picture above) was one of many freaks in Tokyo Ghoul that he disturbed pretty much everyone around him, but he was also terrifyingly deadly when it came to taking down his enemies. Another example would be Kenpachi Zaraki and Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who were both crazy freaks who were completely crazy and possessed a perverse joy in what they do. I am thinking of staying faithful to this anime/manga tradition and create a character in my superhuman series who is as much of a crazy freak as these other characters.


In my second fantasy novel, at the end of every day of the wedding’s tournament, the great hall will provide over 70 course meals, all kinds of entertainment, and joyful people from all across the northern kingdoms. The entertainment will consist of jugglers, acrobats, as well as bards singing songs of the heroes of their respective kingdoms. There will be cauldrons of mead and countless barrels of wine. To give you a glimpse of the atmosphere of this medieval reception party, allow me to share this video from the 2007 version of Beowulf, which pretty much depicts how my ancestors threw a party.


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My Viking and Anglo-Saxon ancestors tended to celebrate inside of mead halls, which were the precursors of great halls of medieval castles. To provide you with a more vivid picture of what the interior of Magnus Keep looks like in my fantasy series, the great hall would look like a mead hall where the king of Umbran would invite their barons and knights to celebrate multiple occasions. This mead/great hall will be prominently featured in my second fantasy book especially after it was renovated.



A common beverage from the Viking and Anglo-Saxon eras is mead, which is an alcoholic drink that is seasoned with fermented honey. Because of the usage of honey, mead tends to have various levels of sweetness. I am thinking of including mead in my second fantasy book during the epic wedding that will take place at the beginning. The type of mead that I will be including will possess a fiery-sweet flavor and a heavy yet smooth texture.


For some time, I thought of including a character who is mute in my second fantasy book. They would only be able to speak in wheezing, incoherent whispers and only their family and bodyguards would be able to understand what they are saying. I got the idea of an old movie I saw years back in which an old mobster could barely speak and could only be understood by his enforcers. Like that mobster, this character will be a high-ranking individual in society. Also, this character will be wickedly frightening with a sword.