It seems like fate that I had the most horrifying nightmare I ever had on Halloween night. As I slept, I had visions of a darkened sky enveloped by smoky clouds. I was standing alone amidst a ravaged and dead land. The ground is cracked so wide that the Earth’s core glowed brightly through the cracks. In the distance, the screams and shrieks of unholy creatures could be heard through the flames gushing into the atmosphere. Something big was lurking in those clouds, but most of it is obscured by the clouds and smoke. Every so often, the beast’s flaming tentacles would emerge from the haze, spraying fiery debris on the ruined landscape. The ground shook violently as the abomination in the sky roared. As the clouds part, I catch a glimpse of the chaotic entity before waking up. I have NEVER been that frightening by a nightmare before! I will definitely draw inspiration from it for my future cosmic horror short story. Happy Halloween!


I remember the fictional martial art known as “Guns Kata”, which was prominently portrayed in the film Equilibrium. It also made appearances in various anime and manga. Gun Kata is usually achieved through intense mental and physical training. However, I will be creating a character in my new superhero book who can fight with guns in this fashion. He achieves this fighting style not through training, but through natural superhuman accuracy, reflexes, and mental processing. This character will also be cowboy themed so finding creative ways to fight with guns would be ideal for him.



I did some research on asylums in New York and I came across the Hudson River State Hospital. It was an insane asylum that closed seven years ago. However, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from this building for my new superhero book. Superhero stories such as Batman had asylums such as Arkham Asylum. Supervillains are often criminally insane and they often get sent to asylums so I am thinking of staying true to this tradition. In the alternate timeline my story takes place, Hudson River State Hospital will still be open except it won’t be the home of supervillains. Instead, one of the main characters’ former teammates ends up in this asylum after a traumatic near-death experience while fighting crime.



The electric chair has often served as a symbol for executions. I remember a disturbing scene from The Green Mile where an electric chair execution went horribly wrong. The reason it went wrong was because a dry sponge was on his head during the execution instead of a wet one. When the sponge is wet, it conducts the electricity directly into the subject’s brain. When the sponge is dry, electricity is conducted throughout the subject’s body, causing them to die a slow and painful death.

After watching this execution scene, I wondered how such an execution would have been done if it was magical in nature. In medieval times, executions came in many diverse forms such as hanging, beheading, or drawing and quartering. However, none of them involved the use of electricity. If magic was involved, it would have been easy to use electricity as a form of execution.

First, you would cover the criminal in a suit of chainmail and plate armor and nothing else. Like a lightning rod, metal armor would conduct electricity. If you add anything else, it would soften the effect of the electricity. When electricity is applied, the superheated armor would cook them from the inside out. By the time the execution is over, the armor will be melted and charred and the body would be so badly burned that the armor will have fused onto their flesh. Such a spectacle would instill a tremendous amount of fear into the populace and think twice about rebelling against the monarch. I will be featuring something like this in my third fantasy book.



I noticed that many of the superheroes in Watchmen were based on other superheroes from both DC Comics and Charlton Comics. They were not carbon copies. They were reimagined into something new with their own unique flare. The Comedian was based on the Peacemaker, Ozymandias was based on Thunderbolt, the Silk Specter was based on Black Canary, Nite Owl was based on Blue Beetle, Rorschach was based on the Question, and Doctor Manhattan was based on Captain Atom. I am thinking of following Alan Moore’s example by drawing inspiration of other superheroes in order to create my own characters. I will also base my characters’ personalities on various aspects of my own. The only problem I have is trying to come up with original names for my superheroes.


At first, I thought of giving the Magnus Dynasty only one Imperial Palace as their seat of power over the Gradaian Empire. However, I learned that monarchs such as Henry VIII had up to SIXTY castles and residences! With this in mind, I am thinking of giving the Magnus Dynasty a second Imperial Palace that further symbolizes their power and majesty. This castle will have been built in the aftermath of the War of the Gilded Beasts. In terms of style, size, and appearance, I am thinking of this new Imperial Palace being a combination between Hampton Court and Versailles, both of which were the favorite palaces of powerful kings. This palace will make its debut in my third fantasy book.


One of the six main characters I will be featuring in my new superhero series will be a hardened fighter. Like the Comedian from Watchmen, my character will be more of a thug than a hero. Like Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach, my character is the kind of person who loves the thrill of a good fight. Based on these traits, my character will join his comrades’ crusade against crime solely because he LOVES the thrill of fighting and doesn’t care about saving people or changing the status quo.