As an autism ambassador, I have taken an interest in the inner workings of the human mind. I also took a psychology class, which gave me a better understanding of other forms of mental conditions. While writing my sequel series, I drew inspiration from what I have learned both as an autism ambassador and during my psychology class. With this in mind, the characters in my sequel series will be much more mentally complex with each of them struggling to overcome their own unique psychological limitations. This reminds me of the times in which I had to overcome the limitations my autism placed on me. I look forward to exploring more of this concept.


I have always been intrigued by the idea of superhuman soldiers with abilities that are weaponized and specifically designed for war. In several cases, a small squad of super-soldiers can do what an entire battalion of normal soldiers cannot. I often wonder if an army of super-soldiers would be divided into various categorizations rather than focusing on one kind of warrior. Just as the United States military is made of different branches such as the Navy, Army, and Air Force, a super-soldier army would have multiple specialized units. A diverse army of superhuman soldiers would be a force to be reckoned with and I might toy with the idea in future works.



One of the most destructive forces known to man is radiation. Because of the havoc it can cause, I looked back on the various characters who possessed the ability to control radiation such as Captain Atom from DC Comics to Ted Sprague from Heroes. I am thinking of creating a series of characters who possess this ability and they will play a significant role throughout my sequel series. Just thinking of the destruction they will cause gives me chills!


While writing my sequel series, I am thinking of what kind of names my characters would have. Since the story will take place more than 5,000 years into the future, there would probably be new names that came into existence in that time period. However, I am thinking of including a little of the past in this version of the future. For instance, I am thinking of basing some of the character last names on the Latin language while the first names would be something new and futuristic. I never use the alter ego element of the superhero genre, but I might be able to include a subtle clue to their powers in their real names. I have already come up with some names and I look forward to tinkering with this idea.


When I contemplate the concepts that a future civilization would hold, I consider what kind of livestock it would use. Due to the fact that the Young Guardians’ final battle will produce an apocalyptic event, the possibility exists that traditional food sources would be destroyed. So, the survivors would need to seek an alternative protein source. I have seen in many documentaries that insects are great sources of protein and are delicacies in several parts of the world. The human race has been eating insects since prehistoric times and continue to do so to this day. With this in mind, would a futuristic society of a post-apocalyptic world use insects as a type of livestock to replace the traditional livestock that were lost in the disaster? This is an interesting idea to consider and I will research this further for my sequel series.


A common element to futuristic science fiction are android servants. Even in real-life, androids that are almost indistinguishable from human beings are being created in Japan. I wonder if this technology will evolve into something more than an experiment in the years ahead. In my opinion, if a futuristic society were to have android servants in every household, the android’s owners would have the option to customize the android’s appearance and personality. In addition, these androids would have all of the necessary programming the household in question would require from cleaning, cooking, or as a bodyguard. I look forward to tinkering with this idea further.