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I had another idea for a kingdom in my fantasy series. Its scenery and environment will be similar to Yellowstone with lots of wild animals and heavily forested. The people who would live in this kingdom would live off the fat of the land. Apart from some pig and corn farms, this kingdom will be mostly inhabited by hunters who rely on the local animals for food and clothing. On a side note, medieval hunting was not just about food or sport. It was about preparing people for war. Due to this, the people of this kingdom will be among the most battle-hardened warriors in the Empire because everyday they have to hunt for food and risk their lives in the process. Apart from hunting animals and raising corn and pigs for food, they would also harvest wild berries, nuts, and honey. In terms of economy, the inhabitants of this kingdom would rely mostly on trade with animal furs and timber from their dense forests. Because this kingdom would be so heavily forested, wooden motte-and-bailey castles would be very common. Overall, this would be one of the wildest kingdoms in my fantasy world.






I went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and came across a number of fascinating specimens that I could draw inspiration for future installments for my fantasy series. By examining these specimens of pheasants, falcons, wild boars, and deer, I can get an idea of scale for some of the animals that the humans would hunt. It was an illuminating experience that will allow me to further develop the biosphere for my fantasy world.


Due to my love for animals, I have no interest in hunting them for food. While I am eager to gain authentic inspiration for many aspects of medieval life, I will just use my imagination for this part. I watched some videos about hunting and I came across this video, which shows how to hunt, clean, and cook rabbits in the woods. Since there will be scenes that depict hunting medieval style in my fantasy book, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from this video for certain scenes. I am thinking of basing these hunting scenes on the small adventures of a hunter who is a companion of the main character who hunts game from time to time. Apparently, the people in this video say that well done rabbit without any seasoning tastes like roasted chicken. I will keep that in mind in my writing.


I have finished the sixth chapter and about to begin the seventh chapter of my fantasy book. This next chapter will give the reader a look at the cold, dark wilderness of the fantasy world. In addition, it will depict some of the other members of the feudal nobility. Overall, it is going to be an interesting chapter to explore.


I have finished the fourth chapter of my fantasy book and am about to write the fifth. As a warning, this is going to be one of the most graphic and sinister chapters in the whole story. This will also be the second scene that will depict a hunt in the woods, but this hunt will focus on a different kind of prey other than deer or wild boar. It will be the chain of events that will push the main characters over the edge.