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One of the darkest and most infamous aspects of demonology would be the concept of making a deal with a demon. In my story about Hell, the main character ends up in Hell not because of a particular sin. Instead, he was sent to Hell due to unwittingly making a pact with a demon. The demon in question is a young succubus (female demon) who desires the protagonist. In exchange for making the protagonist’s ultimate ambition come true, the succubus gets him upon his physical death. The way they perform the pact is somewhat unorthodox. Over time, the relationship between these two characters evolves to the point in which they genuinely love each other. You could say that their story will be one of forbidden romance between a human and a demon.


In my earlier posts, I mentioned the idea of telling a story about Hell from the pointed of view of the damned. It will be like a combination between Dante’s Inferno and Doom. The story will revolve around one young man’s quest to escape Hell. It will be the biggest jailbreak in history. However, even if this individual and those who follow him were able to escape Hell, where would they end up? Due to being unabsolved sinners who left Hell without God’s permission, it would be obvious that they would not end up either in Heaven or Purgatory. Because they escaped Hell, they are no longer experiencing damnation, but because they are unabsolved they won’t experience salvation either. Due to this, I am picturing a place that represents neither salvation nor damnation. It will be a realm that would dwell in the blind spot of existence. This will be an interesting project to tackle as I ponder this puzzle.



The third circle of Dante’s version of Hell is Gluttony. Here, sinners who have indulged themselves on excess are denied such pleasure for eternity. Also, they themselves get devoured over and over again by their assigned demons. I can picture the walls looking like stomach lining and the sinners boiling in pools of stomach acid and digested food and drink. In addition, I can see sinners being digested in the fleshy walls. Overall, I am imagining Gluttony to be one of the more disgusting circles of Hell.



Allow me to give you an overview of how Dante described the nine circles of Hell. We shall begin with the first circle, Limbo. Limbo is inhabited by souls who did not sin, but they did not have the required faith to enter Heaven. Most of the inhabitants predated Christianity and included scholars, philosophers, and poets. Such individuals included Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. Because they predated Christianity, these people were never exposed to Christian ideals. As a result, they are placed into an inferior version of Heaven that is neither good nor bad yet in between. The inhabitants of Limbo will play an integral role in my story and my main character’s motivation to escape Hell.


I had an intriguing idea for my story about Hell. Along the way to the center of Hell, the main character is bound to meet people he knew in life amongst the damned. One soul would be that of his father, who was a former President of the United States. His father won’t just be in one circle of Hell, he would appear in all of them with the sole exception of Limbo. Because of his father’s constant presence in Hell, the main character will have to confront his father. In the end, it will be father versus son.



A female demon is referred to as a succubus. For my future story about Hell, I am thinking of making the female lead a succubus. She starts out as just another demon and is assigned to be the main character’s torturer. She is both inhumanly beautiful and unnaturally frightening at the same time, which makes the main character love and fear her simultaneously. She also just happens to be a descendant of one of the Seven Princes of Hell. However, she starts to fall in love with her would-be victim. By genuinely experiencing love, she starts to lose her demonic nature. Along the way, she starts learning how to be human. She was born only knowing and understanding evil, but after interacting with her would-be victim, she starts turning her back on the darkness. Her character arc involves the complex process of transitioning from being the protagonist’s tormenter and torturer to ultimately becoming his lover and soulmate. You could say she becomes my story’s version of Beatrice from Dante’s Inferno.



I used to read the medieval poem called The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. In one of my previous posts, I said I was toying with the idea of writing a story about Hell from the point of view of the damned. I thought of gaining inspiration from Inferno, which depicted Dante’s interpretation of Hell. I am thinking of doing my own spin on the nine circles of Hell just as Dante did. My story will take place in the 21st century and follow a graduate student who has sinned and seeks to find a way out of Hell.


I had an intriguing idea for a story. As the title of this post suggests, this story takes place in Hell itself. It will be told from the point of view of the damned. I always viewed Hell to be the worst prison imaginable with the Devil being the warden and the damned been the inmates. Like any other prison, what if there was a jail break or riot when the damned revolt against their demon jailers? What if some of these inmates succeed in escaping from this prison? You could say this will be like the Shawshank Redemption except in Hell. I have long imagined what Hell would look like and this would be an opportunity to put it on paper. I will be basing the main character on the sins of someone I know and understand intimately.