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One of the biggest pollution problems we face is how to safely get rid of wastewater as well as finding a renewal source of fuel and reusable water. There have been corporations and groups that have been looking for ways to convert wastewater into biofuel and reusable drinking water. It may sound disgusting, but there is method to its apparent madness plus if the environment becomes bad enough you would be desperate enough to try anything. I will tinker with this idea in the futuristic dystopian world in my superhuman series. When Ridley Scott made Blade Runner, he intentionally made the future look dirty and messy. I will follow his lead with my own project.


As many of you are aware, efforts are being made to civilization to be more environmentally friendly with our planet. Personally, they will never make the necessary changes in time. Due to this, I am thinking of setting my dystopian world in a version of Planet Earth that 95 % polluted and uninhabitable. The only inhabitable place on the entire planet would be a sealed dome megacity that is three times larger than Germany. Inside that city, humanity will finally be applying the environmentally friendly applications such as no fossil fuels, electric cars, and so on. The only catch is that these applications will only be used in everyday life AFTER the planet died.



One futurisitc weapon that is overflowing with potential is the railgun. Unlike other weapons, which rely on either gunpowder or explosives, railguns rely on electromagnetic energy to fire projectiles. This makes the weapon’s ammunition to move faster and penetrate deeper than the average missile or bullet. So far, the smallest railgun ever made is a large turret fitted to the decks of navy warships. Attempts are being made to make it even more compact yet there are some difficulties due to the use of electromagnetic energy. The first concept of a railgun as a firearm I have seen was featured in the Arnold Schwartzenegger film The Eraser, but despite its lethality it still looked clunky, unwieldy, and harder to manuever in a combat situation. For my superhuman series, I will be toying with the idea of a compact railgun as a pistol and rifle and make it the standard issue firearm of a dystopian future.


To prepare me for the eventual creation of my new superhuman series, I have started to binge watch documentaries about innovations that could develop in the future. These fields include future agriculture and food, transhumanism, vehicles, weapons, robotics, and so on. When I wrote science fiction in the past, I simply imagined scientific concepts on the fly. Now, however, I will be drawing inspiration from scientific documentaries in order to make the concepts more believable and authentic. This will be similar to how I am constructing the world of my Magnus Dynasty Saga by binge watching medieval documentaries. Overall, medieval documentaries made me more historically educated, but these futurist documentaries will make me even more educated scientifically. At the end of the project, I will be more rounded and knowledgeable than I was before.


I discovered something extraordinary on the news: a drivable 3D-printed car! The technology to create these cars was amazing beyond words and it gave me some ideas of what to include in my sequel series. Since my sequel series will take place in a futuristic world, I am thinking of including a more advanced version of this technology. I am getting excited thinking about it.


I thought of an interesting idea for a book! I was thinking of writing a story in my sequel series that depicts the immediate aftermath the Young Guardians’ final battle against Vogan. The cost of their final battle will be high beyond measure to the point in which the Young Guardians are tasked with finding a new home for themselves and all other survivors of both the human and neohuman races. Due to this, it will revolve around the Young Guardians finding survivors, gathering resources, salvaging culture, and the journey to their new home. This new home will serve as the future capital of the interstellar government in my sequel series. It will be a good old-fashioned post-apocalytpic story. WOW!!! I have got a lot of work to do in my lifetime! Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.