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In the Curiosity Stream documentaries, I discovered several segments that talked about the concept of megacities. We often think we can build cities horizontally forever, but the truth is that the Earth’s surface is finite. As our population grows, it would make sense to build cities vertically to accommodate our increasing numbers. Megacities are essentially super sized skyscrapers and can house tens of thousands of residents. Some megacities could be built on land, on artificial islands in the middle of the ocean, be 3D printed, or have plants and jungles growing from their walls. I am thinking of featuring a megacity in my new superhero series that could house a quarter million residents. It will be the last of its kind.



In another Curiosity Stream documentary, I became aware of attempts to create synthetic meat as a food source. To achieve this, scientists in the Netherlands have discovered that lupine seeds have more protein than meat by a third. In addition, when properly ground, the lupine seeds have the taste and texture of meat. In a world where traditional livestock are not an option, this would make sense as an alternative food source in a futuristic world. I will keep this in mind while writing my superhero story.



After watching the news, I had a thought about something to add in my futuristic dystopian series. One of the cases we deal with in the real world is illegal immigration. While some of these individuals are a danger, most are desperate people seeking asylum and a better life for themselves and their families. Despite their intentions to improve their lives and give their children a future they can be proud of, these immigrants are often regarded as subhuman by the native population. More recently, migrant families had their children stolen from them and had them locked up in cages like animals. These cruel and inhumane actions against migrants made me wonder how illegal immigration will look like five thousand years in the future. In my story, there will be a civilization that is divided up into multiple districts and moving from one district to another is strictly prohibited. If the borders of the districts are crossed, the migrant parents would be deported to their native district while their children would be executed on the spot in order to act as a deterrent to other would-be migrants. Even so, some districts are more impoverished than others and desperate citizens try to sneak through the borders regardless of the risk. This form of injustice will be one of the atrocities my new superheroes will be battling throughout the series.


In multiple science fiction futuristic universes such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Blade Runner, I noticed they each had their own unique form of profanity. One thing I learned is that profanity is a way for people to express anger, surprise, disgust, fear, and other emotions. With this in mind, I wonder how people in the future would use profanity. Depending on how much time has passed and how much civilization has evolved, I don’t think humanity would swear the same way they do today. With this in mind, I will base the futuristic swearing of my superhuman series on the censored swearing I normally use myself.


I came across a video talking about a futuristic way to grow crops with no soil and 95% less water. Instead of soil, these super-crops rely on reusable sheets of fabric made from recycled plastic. Like insect farming, I can see this form of futuristic agriculture being used on a massive scale. I will be contemplating this as I continue to research and brainstorm ideas for my future superhuman series.