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I like layered steel because its rippling pattern makes the blades look like liquid metal. There have been multiple versions of layered steel over the years. The most common form of layered steel is Damascus steel, but the original process to make it has long since been lost. The Japanese have a form of layered steel called Hada. Even my Viking ancestors had their own version of layered steel that resulted in formidable swords. The layers not only make the blades beautiful, but they also make the blades sharper and more durable than normal blades. I am thinking of including layered steel in my new fantasy book.



In Numen the Slayer, the weapon of choice for King Robar Baal was the falchion in addition to a cleaver. At first, I thought there was only one type of falchion, but now I discover that there were multiple variants of the weapon. To give you an idea of what Robar’s falchion looked like, I provided this picture. This picture is of a French two-handed falchion. I first saw this weapon in Forged in Fire’s Knife or Death. Due to its jagged spine, this falchion variant looked like an ideal weapon for a villain, which was perfect for Robar. So Robar’s falchion would look like this weapon except its blade would be made of black Ferruman steel that glitters silver. Even though this weapon usually requires the use of two hands, Robar is physically strong enough to wield it one-handed alongside his cleaver.



While watching Forged in Fire, I discovered a wide variety of different weapons that I could potentially use in my fantasy book. Among these weapons is the falcata, which was introduced by my Celtic ancestors before spreading to the rest of Western Europe. In some ways, the falcata operates like a machete as it hacks through enemy lines with powerful one-handed strikes. Also, this sword reminds me of the weapon of choice of Alexander the Great, which fits perfectly well with the theme of my fantasy book. Because I am drawing inspiration from my Celtic ancestors, I am thinking of including this sword in some of the factions in the fantasy world of my book.