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This week, I endured the unthinkable! My county endured a fast and terrifying wildfire that nearly burned down our community. It looked like a scene from the Apocalypse! The sky was darkened, ash rained on our cars, and people were being evacuated left and right. I lived in one of the areas that required mandatory evacuation, but my family and I stood our ground and were prepared to leave at the last minute. Fortunately, the Santa Ana winds eventually calmed and the fire department acquired some kind of control of the situation. Also, the fire ultimately blew away from our neighborhood, our house is still standing, and we are safe. We were super-lucky! Still, the very possibility of losing my home nearly pushed me over the edge because it is the only home I have ever known. I am still emotionally drained from the experience, but I am relieved that we are safe. If I was to write a scene involving a dragon burning a village or a scene involving the end of the world, this entire situation would be good inspiration.


One of my favorite superpowers has always been pyrokinesis or fire manipulation because of the powerful ferocity it can give the user.  When I was designing one of the main characters of The Young Guardians Saga, Patrick Donovan, I wanted to give him a power that stood apart from ordinary fire manipulation.  To that end, I turned my attention to my favorite of all mythological beasts: dragons.  I wish to give Patrick features of a dragon while maintaining his human form, so I decided to give him the ability to generate and control the very flames that dragons breathe.  Apart from wielding dragon fire, I wanted this power to have a psychological effect on Patrick whenever he uses it to the extreme, which would result in giving Patrick the ferocious mindset of a dragon.