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This is by far my favorite of M. Night Shyamalan’s films before he lost his touch. What intrigues me about the story of this film is that the main character started out as a normal person, but after a life-chaning event, they discover that they are actually extraordinary. While most of the main character’s powers were relatively mild compared to superheroes in comics, I was impressed by how the power of invulnerability was portrayed. In addition, I enjoyed the numerous comic book references that were made throughout the film because it made the plot more authentic. Samuel L. Jackson’s character was also interesting because he was like everyone else, trying to discover his purpose in the world. Jackson’s character also served as a polar opposite of Bruce Willis’s character, someone who is as fragile as glass just as Willis’s character is as durable as metal, which was a good theme for the film to follow along with Willis’s transition from normal to extraordinary. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a superhero story in which the superhero in question is more human.


Starring Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush, I first aware of this film many years ago when I first saw its trailer.  However, I watched the film itself recently and I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons.  Even though it was intended to be a comedy and I am slow when it comes to catching subtle humor, I loved the superhero elements, themes and references.  Because I am such a superhero fanatic, I was very analytical when examining the superhero traits of the film.  One of the parts I enjoyed about the film is that the characters had genuine humanity to them.  In the superhero genre, we are always paying attention to the most successful superheroes out there, but we tend to overlook the underdogs.  I like this film because it portrays how the underdogs get their chance to fight the forces of evil.  Geoffrey Rush is one my favorite actors and I was pleasantly surprised at how well he portrayed a supervillain.  As for costumes, I liked Greg Kinnear’s uniform as Captain Amazing, but I often try to imagine how it would look without all of the corporate logos stitched to it.  In addition, I liked the city in which the plot takes place because it looks like a combination between the cityscape in Blade Runner and the cityscape of Coruscant from Star Wars, both of which are cities I find fascinating.  Overall, this film is recommended to anyone who is seeking to a story about superheroes that seem relatable and human.


I went to see Part 1 of Mockingjay today and I was in for a twist.  Unlike Hunger Games or Catching Fire, Mockingjay does not revolve around games where people fight to the death.  Instead, it focuses on the immediate aftermath of Catching Fire and the beginning of all-out war.  The ending reminds me of Ramsay Snow from Game of Thrones, but that is all I will say about the ending.  I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking an intense story about science fiction and resisting the iron fist of tyranny.