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In an elite army, there is no room for the weak. In both the Dune series and Game of Thrones, we have been introduced to the warrior elite of their respective universes. In Dune, the warrior elite were the Sardaukar, who served the imperial family of House Corrino. In Game of Thrones, the warrior elite were the Unsullied, who normally served the highest bidder before ultimately serving Daenerys Targaryen.

The thing these two warrior groups have in common is how they are trained. The Sardaukar were trained on House Corrino’s prison planet, which had brutal conditions and the training methods they endured were just as brutal. The Unsullied were trained in the slave markets of Astapor and were treated worse than animals. The training the Sardaukar and the Unsullied endured started from an early age and was so brutal that most of them do not survive. Only the strongest and most disciplined among them complete their training. By the time their training is complete, they become nearly unstoppable fighting machines.

For my third fantasy book, I will be introducing the creation of a similar army. Even though House Magnus has taken the Imperial Throne, they are still surrounded by enemies and the loyalty of their new vassals are uncertain. If rebellion breaks out, the usage of their dragons may not be enough for House Magnus to keep their newfound power. To counter this problem and quell any future rebellion, they try to create an army that is suitably loyal and undefeatable. Like the Sardaukar and the Unsullied, their training would start from an early age and be so strict and brutal that most of them won’t survive their training. The conditions they would train under would be volcanic in nature. Those who complete their training would serve as the Imperial warrior elite. However, because they are conscripted at an early age, most of the populace is not happy with the formation of this army, which becomes one of their motivations to rebel against the emperor. I will be drawing inspiration from the Praetorian Guard of the Roman Empire, who were often seen as the best of the best in the Roman military.


It may be too soon to say, but I believe I have acquired enough medieval inspiration for my fantasy books for a while. For my third fantasy book, I will be drawing inspiration from the English Civil War of the 17th century, which saw the English monarchy going to war against Parliament. The war started due to unpopular taxes to fund wars with Scotland and Ireland, land from the Commonwealth being seized by noble landowners, and Puritans clashed with Catholics. At the end of the war, Parliament won and King Charles I was subsequently executed. However, Charles’s death turned him into a martyr, resulting in the royalists regaining control of the government and establishing Charles II as King of England. For my third fantasy book, I will depict an attempt to overthrow the imperial monarchy due to unpopular policies. The main character will be forced into exile while his followers wage a years-long war to reclaim the Imperial Throne in his name. In order to write this story, I will need to rewrite my original outline. Also, some of my more extreme story ideas will be discarded and replace them with ideas grounded in realism.



I am thinking of including an insane character in my third fantasy book. Mental illness could be caused by personal trauma, a birth defect, a concussion, or something else. In this case, I am thinking of making this character insane due to a brain tumor. This will be intriguing because in medieval times they had no way to treat brain tumors, which will add some authenticity to the story. This brain tumor will result in a regent becoming a crazed murderous tyrant.


What would you do if you were a ruler who can see the future? What would you change? You could see every assassination attempt, every political maneuver at court, every move an enemy army will make on the battlefield, and every personal moment. Imagine being a king with enemies around every corner plotting against you and you can outwit them every time with ease. I am imagining using something similar to Doctor Manhattan’s precognition in my third fantasy book. Prophecies and premonitions are common in the fantasy genre. Some visions of the future are symbolic in nature while others are more direct. Some occur during dreams while others appear while the user is awake. However, to know the future means to be consumed by it. As you stray further into the future, your hold on your humanity would wane and you may not be connected in the here and now while the past completely disappears into dust. Overall, I am going to depict what happens when a normal mortal transforms into a nearly all-seeing being with tremendous power in magic. However, they would only be able to see their own future and not the future of the whole world. To make this even more complicated, what if this power is hereditary? How would you raise children who know your every move? How would the children’s visions affect their mental growth?


I have developed a fascination for Anglo-Saxon politics especially when it comes to the monarchy. Unlike most monarchies, the throne is not given through inheritance but rewarded through elections. A collection of ealdorman, or Anglo-Saxon nobles, would gather and elect one of their own as king. This practice has been in place until William the Conqueror overthrew the Anglo-Saxon hold on the throne of England in 1066. In my third fantasy book, two kingdoms will lose their royal families. As a result, all the barons and landed knights of each kingdom will hold elections to decide which noble house will be their new rulers. However, despite the elections, claimants from the neighboring kingdoms will try to seize the opportunity given by these two empty thrones. This will be one of the sparks that start another civil war across the Gradaian Empire.


It took me some time to realize this, but I just discovered some similarities between my Magnus Dynasty Saga and the Dune Series. Both series revolve around the history of noble families that rise to ultimate power; House Atreides in Dune Series and House Magnus in the Magnus Dynasty Saga. House Atreides had a feud with House Harkonnen and usurped House Corrino as the new imperial family of the know universe. House Magnus had a feud with House Baal and usurped House Sylva as the new imperial family of the Gradaian Empire. House Atreides gained the loyalty of the Fremen, who were a civilization that was looked down upon by the known universe. House Magnus gained the loyalty of the Welts, who were a people most folk see as primitive savages. Paul Atreides takes a member of the Fremen tribes as his lover. Numen Magnus takes a Welt woman as his lover. House Atreides gained ultimate prescient power due to Paul Atreides becoming the Kwisatz Haderach and Leto II Atreides becoming God Emperor. House Magnus gained mystical power due to being one of the few Druid bloodlines left in the Empire. House Atreides gained control over the giant sandworms of Arrakis and uses them as beasts of war. House Magnus gained control over the last dragons and uses them as beasts of war. These two noble families suffered loss and hardship before overcoming the odds in order to achieve ultimate power in their respective universes. I like dynastic stories that show underdog families defying insurmountable odds and becoming stronger over time. Due to this, I will not limit my fantasy series to just three volumes. Like the Dune Series did with House Atreides, I will be telling the story of House Magnus through multiple volumes until I run out of story ideas.