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After going through genealogical charts, I discovered something extraordinary. As you are aware, me, my mother, and everyone on my mother’s side of the family are descendants of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. Wonder who else are descendants of Robert the Bruce? The Stuart Dynasty, who ruled Scotland for a time before ruling England as well after the Tudors. After the Stuart Dynasty died out with Queen Anne, they were succeeded by the House of Hanover because their patriarch was Queen Anne’s second cousin. All of this means that not only is my mother’s side of the family related to Robert the Bruce, but we are also distant cousins to every English monarch and dynasty from the Stuarts to the Windsors! So, in other words, we are VERY distant relatives to the current Royal Family of Britain! Because of this, I have started to refer to each king, queen, prince, or princess from then to now as “Cousin”. We can thank Ancestor Robert for that because we all trace our descent to him. This is in stark contrast to my father’s side of the family, who are descended from Irish peasants and Viking raiders.