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For decades, the Nazi Third Reich has served as the symbol of evil, tyranny, and madness. Untold millions died by their hands and their ideologies enslaved a significant portion of Europe before being defeated and disbanded at the end of World War II in 1945. Because of the Third Reich’s infamously dark legacy, it has served as inspiration for villains and evil organizations for decades in film and literature. In the superhero genre, Marvel drew inspiration from the Nazis when they created Red Skull, DC Comics drew inspiration from the Nazis when creating Captain Nazi, and Watchmen included a Nazi-based character called Captain Axis. In film, Nazis appeared in films such as The Rocketeer, Schindler’s List, countless war films, and the Norsefire government in V for Vendetta has Nazi-like elements to them. Even in anime Nazis were a source of inspiration such as in Hellsing and Bleach. Bleach, in particular, provided an interesting example called the Vandenreich, which is German for “Invisible Empire”. The fact that the Vandenreich’s name was German and had “reich” in its name was a clear Nazi reference. Overall, I will be following the footsteps of all these storytellers and base the government in my superhuman series on the Third Reich’s evil. In fact, just as Bleach included “reich” in Vandenreich, I will be doing the same by giving this government a name that ends with “reich”. Under normal circumstances, I try to avoid this subject because exploring the extent of their crimes against humanity causes me to have an emotional breakdown.



Fanoxean is the incarnation of what I consider to be the epitome of absolute evil. Not only is he the main villain in the second volume, but he plays a vital role in the entire series. He is responsible for Tinisha crossing over from her world into 21st century Earth, which also makes him indirectly responsible for the Young Guardians gaining their powers. As a being of pure evil, Fanoxean is a nihilist, believing that everything in the universe and all realities are meant to be destroyed. In addition, Fanoxean is one of the Young Guardians’ most powerful enemies and while fighting him, the Young Guardians are forced to confront their inner demons.