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Out of all the characters in the Inheritance Cycle, the one I found most intriguing would be the main villain, Galbatorix. In terms of swordsmanship, magic, and the size of his dragon, Galbatorix was the most powerful Dragon Rider in the series. He was also a tyrant and a butcher who ruled Alagaesia with an iron fist. In addition to his power and tyranny, Galbatorix was driven mad by the loss of his original dragon. I often wonder what kind of character Galbatorix would have been if he didn’t become a villain. Would he have used his immense power for good? I am thinking of having the main character in my future fantasy series evolve into a representation of what Galbatorix could have been if he was a good man instead of an evil one.



I love the Eragon books with a complete passion. Unfortunately, I am completely disappointed in how the film adaptation was made. Fortunately, I spoke with Eragon’s author, Christopher Paolini, on GoodReads.com and he provided the name and email address of 20th Century Fox’s new CEO. Through this information, Eragon fans will express why Eragon should be remade. Mr. Paolini said that every fan’s voice counts. With this in mind, if any of you is a fan of the Eragon series and wish to see a better film adaptation, I strongly encourage you to contact the CEO of 20th Century Fox and express why Eragon deserves a remake. The CEO’s name is Stacey Snider and the email address Mr. Paolini gave me isĀ eragon.reboot@gmail.com.