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I have finished the sixth chapter and about to begin the seventh chapter of my fantasy book. This next chapter will give the reader a look at the cold, dark wilderness of the fantasy world. In addition, it will depict some of the other members of the feudal nobility. Overall, it is going to be an interesting chapter to explore.


I have just finished writing the first chapter of my fantasy book and it was an intense beginning to an epic story. I have been planning the groundwork for this book for so long that the writing process has become relatively easy. I cannot wait to continue writing the story in the near future and I will keep you updated.



What does it truly mean to be a king? I, myself, never wore a crown, sat on a throne, or led people, but after much research and analysis I think I have an idea of what a king really is. Many kings thought that they wielded absolute power simply because they wore a crown on their heads. However, the grim truth is that a king really has no rights at all, but he has many obligations, responsibilities, and countless privileges that give him the illusion of rights.

Several kings thought they could do whatever they wanted by skipping their duties, but they never could escape the burden that was placed on them the day they were born. The crown and throne are symbols of power, but they are also shackles that enslave the kings to their subjects while the castle he lives in becomes his glorified prison. A king cannot escape his preassigned role because he is born into it and cannot choose his own path. If a king wishes to stay on the throne he needs to win the hearts and minds of his people, but if he is a tyrant his subjects inevitably become his executioners when they rebel and overthrow him. There is no middle ground!

The main character in my fantasy series will start out as an average person only to find out that he is the true king. Part of the story will involve how he psychologically processes and adapts to his new role and how big the burden of kingship is. This will add extra drama to the plot and the protagonist’s character development.