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Like many Star Wars fans, I have been wondering what Captain Phasma’s fate was at the end of The Last Jedi. Some people think she died in the flames of the Supremacy, but I think she is alive. One thing I have learned from Phasma’s comic book and novel is that she is a survivor and is the kind of person who would do whatever it took to survive. If she was injured enough, she may come back as more machine than human like Darth Vader. That would probably be how far she is willing to go to stay alive. When that happens, she will be pissed off and ready for round three.



When the Roman Empire fell, Europe was shattered into countless fiefdoms and petty kingdoms. The Dark Ages that followed led to a nearly constant state of civil war that lasted for centuries. These wars gave rise to new empires and kingdoms such as England, France, Italy, and countless others. Borders were made and unmade many times as these nations tried to conquer and assimilate one another. After the fall of all the royal families, my fantasy world will be thrown into a similar situation. The original nine kingdoms of Gradaia would cease to exist and new kingdoms will be formed after nearly twenty years of war and conquest. Knights and barons who lose their land will be reduced to nomadic warlords who plunder and pillage wherever they go. Overall, Gradaia will turn from a united and prosperous empire to a war zone and failed state.



While creating the Empire of Gradaia for my Magnus Dynasty Saga, I drew a lot of inspiration from the real life Holy Roman Empire. Like the Holy Roman Emperor, the Emperor or Empress of Gradaia is titled His or Her Imperial Majesty. When it comes to choosing a successor, the Holy Roman Empire had elections. The Empire of Gradaia uses a similar system whenever there are so many potential heirs that the line of succession becomes unclear, but the system they use is much more complex than a regular election. In addition, both Empires consist of multiple monarchies who answer to their Emperor. One of the major differences between the Holy Roman Empire and Gradaia is that the Holy Roman Emperor answers only to the Pope while the Emperor of Gradaia answers to no one, not even the Temple of the Elemental Gods.



Allow me to give you an idea of how big my fantasy world is in Numen the Slayer. The nine kingdoms of the Empire are the same size as all the combined territory of the British Empire at its zenith. The red on this map is the British Empire’s territory at its peak so if you combine all that land then you will get the Empire of Gradaia. However, it is the only landmass in this entire fantasy world and everything else is open ocean. Due to this whoever controls the Empire literally controls the world.