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While creating the Empire of Gradaia for my Magnus Dynasty Saga, I drew a lot of inspiration from the real life Holy Roman Empire. Like the Holy Roman Emperor, the Emperor or Empress of Gradaia is titled His or Her Imperial Majesty. When it comes to choosing a successor, the Holy Roman Empire had elections. The Empire of Gradaia uses a similar system whenever there are so many potential heirs that the line of succession becomes unclear, but the system they use is much more complex than a regular election. In addition, both Empires consist of multiple monarchies who answer to their Emperor. One of the major differences between the Holy Roman Empire and Gradaia is that the Holy Roman Emperor answers only to the Pope while the Emperor of Gradaia answers to no one, not even the Temple of the Elemental Gods.



I thought of something wonderful for the final volume of my fantasy series. I am thinking of making the final volume revolve around the grandson or great-grandson of Numen the Slayer. I am thinking of having this character be Emperor of Gradaia since the day he was born. An infant ruler may seem outrageous at first, but this has happened before in real life. Henry VI was ten months old when he was crowned and the last Emperor of China, Puyi, was two years old when he was crowned. This story idea is interesting to explore because sovereignty would be the only life this character will ever know. Imagine all of the responsibilities and obligations someone would have to go through at such an early age and the psychological impact it would have on them over the years. It is like what Henry IV said, “Weary is the head that wears the crown”.


As I continue to write my fantasy series, I ponder on the names of the various members of the dynasty the series revolves around. I thought of names for the first and second books, but I am having trouble coming up with names for the third book. What would names fit for an Imperial Emperor or Empress? Do you guys have any suggestions? If so, please share. I can really use the help. Thank you.