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Guess what?! I have just passed my American Sign Language Class! This class was TWO YEARS worth of material, which is a type of class I never tackled before! By passing this class, I have completed my Foreign Language requirements to graduate from my university! I’M FREE!!! I am about to start binge-writing while watching the Extended Editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings!


Today, I graduate from both the Santa Ana College and the Santiago Canyon College!  With those out of the way, I will then transfer to Concordia University in the Fall.  In addition, this Summer is going to be a very busy time for my writing because I will be working on several short stories, my second editions, and fourth volume all in the same season.  I am eager to get started and to celebrate tonight with my family and loved ones.  We will be going to a seafood restaurant with an ocean sunset.